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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fox Sports Radio 1340

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Radios get some tea up here once we're in the air. Sure. Indian habits, huh! See you. Bye. We're ready to board. Hi, we're ready to board. Hi, Neerja. Yes. These are the Unaccompanied Minors travelling to Frankfurt. Hello. Hi. Hi, how are you doing? Careful, careful. He's scared of flying. Really? Why? Because I've seen on television Radios Radios that sometimes planes crash. I thought I'll introduce you to the pilot Radios Radios but, since you're scared Radios No Radios I'|| meet the pilot. I won't be scared. Fine. Mom, I will sit with my dad. Emergency Exit Lights. Auto Auto. Oxygen masks. Normal. What's your name, dear? Tina! Debina. Both of you look really beautiful. Thank you. This is my grandson Rahul. Yes. Hello. Are you married? No, not yet. Grandma, please. I'll talk to you later. D and E. Here. Right here. Thank you. May I see your boarding passes, please. Come on. Let me speak. I want a blanket. We're not sitting in a bus, dear. I want a blanket. Maintain some discipline, dear. May I help you sir? Radios Radios . Your seat. Yeah okay, thank you. May I help you sir? Thank you. Please let me know. Put on your seatbelts. Hello. Hello. Mr. Malone. J I'll lead you to your seat. Oh, that's so Radios Mr. Malone. Oh look honey, I think it's her. Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Goldstein. I'm Neerja Bhanot. I'm the Head Purser today. If you need anything, please let me know. May I ask you something? Sir? Is this you? Yes, sir. That's a beautiful picture. You are very beautiful. Thank you. Sir your blanket. Thanks. You are flying with us till Frankfurt, is it? Yes, we are going to see you in Frankfurt. Perhaps. Great enjoy your flight. I don't have patience like your mother. Hold this. Since you are seated at the emergency exit, it's important to brief you. Please do not open the door till the orders are given. Is everyone aboard? All passengers on board. Have a safe flight Neerja. Thank you. Thank you so much. Welcome aboard Pan Am to New York, via Karachi and Frankfurt. But you know I always love being back here in India Radios Sir, please keep your seat upright. Radios in fact, I'm in the middle of an intensive course in Hindi lessons. So Radios here goes. Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name's Capt. Jack Snipes. It's now a.m. And we should be arriving in Karachi in about an hour and minutes. One small favor. By the time we reach Frankfurt, if you could let me know Radios Radios how my Hindi is. He likes to talk a lot in Hindi. Have a good flight. What's this? What's this? Love letter? Did Jaideep give you this? Jaideep has asked me to open it on my birthday. Open it. How will he know that you opened it on your birthday or not? No! Show na! It's a matter of principle. I don't want to open it. Why is everything a matter of principle for you? How many principles can one have? Stop it. He's looking at us. Give it back. No chance, I don't have a magazine. I need some reading material. Please. Fine, I'll open it. I'll be the first one to read it. Don't be mean, please give it back. Okay Radios one condition. Promise me you'll marry Jaideep. Thank God you left Naresh. Is your mother like this too? Does she make your father order take-outs all the time? No, my mother's a good cook. I see Radios she's a good cook! You cou|d've learnt something from her before marriage. Or maybe in trying to make you independent Radios Radios she didn't teach you anything. I'll learn everything soon, don't worry. No, I'm not worried. You know what the problem is Neerja? We don't get paid to look pretty. We have to work hard. Do you know what "hard work" is? And Radios |ook! How my hard-earned money Radios Radios is being wasted! But don't worry. Give me your hand. What's the amount on the bill? Riyal. Riyal. Hold this. Eat it. Eat it. I'll recover this Riyal from your darling Daddy. Oh yes, you're vegetarian. Throw it. Throw it. Where are you going? To serve your friends. You stay here. Don't come out, understand? Who is going to clean all this? Me? Should I call someone else? Then do it. Good for nothing Radios

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