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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WAVH FM Talk 106.5

WAVH FM Talk 106.5, Online WAVH FM Talk 106.5 Radio internet, WAVH FM Talk 106.5 ABD Radio
rolls! Don't give all of it away. Keep some for yourself too. Okay. BYE, mom! Oh Radios my vanity case. Okay, bye- Laado Radios your birthday's on the th. You won't be here! I'll celebrate in Frankfurt! But don't forget to get my birthday present. Tell me what you want! You remember to yell at me but you forgot this? I want that yellow dress. Yes, of course. I remember now. I'll definitely get that dress, dear. Bye! Bye! Aunty, you take good care of uncle. I made a big mistake. Jaideep is the right boy for Laado. I wonder why I got her married to Naresh. Will Mansoor and Fahad be able to do their jobs? Yes, they have been properly trained. They're both good. We will hijack the plane and meet in Cyprus. In exchange for the passengers Radios Radios we will get our brothers out of jail. May God protect you. Good bye! Good bye! May God protect you! See you in Cyprus! "Oh my dream girl, when will you come?" "The weather is so fine, when will you come?" I'm being really honest Radios Radios when you're not here Radios Radios I miss your voice the most. But you don't like my voice, do you? I listen to your voice with my heart, not my ears! Oh really! I really miss you. "Gent|y.. gé??Y- " You can also say, "Jaideep, I also miss you". "..the gentle breeze.." "I miss yoummademoiselle." " persona began to soar." "Oh fragrant. mesmerising |ove.." "Deep, immersive love." "I'|| wrap myself in these thoughts." "I'|| connect to those memories." "Oh fragrant. mesmerising |ove.." "Deep, immersive love." Now slow down Radios stop here! Hey I'm a good boy. I don't like where this is going. Please don't waste time, just look at that. What do you think? Who's that? Can't you see? That's you? No it's someone else. That can't be you. Very funny. The photographer must have worked some magic. I thought Radios since I am not here on my birthday Radios if you missed me Radios you could come here. But you look really nice with makeup. Thanks. Fine, let's go. Forget it. Take me to the airport. Listen Radios I have to report at Radios . Listen! What? You look beautiful as a bride, mademoiselle. "Gent|y.. gé??Y- " "..the gentle breeze.." You look beautiful as a bride, mademoiselle. It's :am Radios more minutes to go. What do you need minutes for? These minutes are very important for me. Okay. Your idol Rajesh Khanna is going to do me a huge favor. In three minutes? Okay. What's this? Your birthday present. I'm opening it. Not yet Radios Why? Open it on your birthday. No, I'll open it now. No! For my sake! And.. Hi, Jaideep. Hello Radios HI. Tina, unfortunately“ “only we have to deal with grouchy company drivers. You're right. I wish our pickup was as cute. Okay, guys, come on let's go. And he's blushing by the way. Let's go. Sorry, bye. Bye. Bye, Jaideep! Bye, Jaideep! See you! Jaideep is so cute! I think you should marry him. Marry him, or else she'll steal him from you. She has the hugest crush on Jaideep. Excuse me, sir. Excuse me, sir. Sorry. Let go of the past. That was an arranged marriage. He loves you. You should consider giving life another chance. Jaideep! I'll miss you. I'll miss you too. Bye. I'll open this on my birthday. If they stop us, do as you've been told. ID, Sir? He's a diplomat from Libya. We are here to see him off. Sorry sir. Come on Radios Okay Sir. Let them through! Are all systems checked and serviceable? Checked and serviceable. Hi, Zone . All equipments checked and serviceable. Thank you so much. Debina, I'm going up to the pilots to let them know. Debrief? Yes. Hi, Samarth. All okay? Yes Neerja, everything is fine. Hello. Good morning, Captains. I'm Neerja Bhanot. I'm your Head Purser today. Good morning. Hey Neerja. How are you? Very well, Captain. I haven't learnt my French yet. We flew last weekend to Paris together. Okay, you know each other. I'm Capt. Snipes. Very nice to meet you, Captain. This is my first flight as Head Purser. Wow! Congratulations. Thank you. Let us know if you need anything. Captain, this is for you. Great. That's your staff list. And we'd just love it if you could Radios

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