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Monday, October 10, 2016

AM1620 Canberra

AM1620 Canberra, AM1620 Canberra online radio, AM1620 Canberra internet radio fm... day I cried power Power Power Power Bring down Bring down Power Power ELECTRIC GUITAR SOLO Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, yeah Oh, I run to the river, it was boiling I run to the sea, it was boiling I run to the sea, it was boiling All along that day So I ran to the Lord, I said Lord Hide me, please hide me Please help me, oh, Lord, that day He said Child Where were you When you're old and praying I said Lord, Lord, hear me praying Lord, Lord, hear me praying Lord, Lord, hear me praying Along that day Sinnerman, you oughta be praying you pay me back when your mother sends the money. Thanks. Send it paid, Willie! Tom Games What? I know, Willie. It's just Games Every once in a while. So remind me, why do you want to be a messenger? Because I'll get to visit a lot of people and go to a lot of places. Oh. And, uh, how did you sleep last night? D'you nod off today at school? A little. What about sports? What about missing out on them on account of having this job? We have a physical-education period every day. Is that so? Well, I used to run the low hurdles when I went to ithaca high. I was, uh Games I was the valley champion. I was val Games So tell me, you really want this job? I'm gonna be the best messenger this office ever had. I was the best messenger this office ever had, so you're on. Okay, the faster you deliver messages, the more you can deliver. The faster you pick up outgoing messages, the more we can send. The more we can send, the better our chances of beating western union and staying alive. We're postal telegraph. We get there swiftly. We're polite to everyone. We take off our hats in elevators and, above all things, we never lose a telegram. Yes, sir. How old are you? Sixteen. Yeah, that's what you said yesterday. We're not allowed to hire a boy unless he's . How old are you? Fourteen. Well, so you'll be in two years. What are you gonna do with the $ a week? Give it to my mother. Alright, from here on out, you're part of this outfit. You watch everything, you listen closely, you keep your eyes open and your ears peeled.

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