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Friday, October 14, 2016

ArtSound FM 92.7 FM Canberra

ArtSound FM 92.7 FM Canberra, ArtSound FM 92.7 FM Canberra online radio, ArtSound FM 92.7 FM Canberra internet radio fm... You've already been a great help to me. You know Games You've come to work just in time. I used to be the fastest telegrapher in the world. Faster than wolinsky. Sending, receiving, receiving, sending Games And no mistakes. No mistakes! Yeah. Willie grogan. Everybody in the world, every operator in the world knew that Games Knew that name. And I Games pfft. Well Games You and me, homer, we're still alive. We are. Mm. Ah Games I should like to say just a word to the women in the country tonight. I have a boy at sea on a destroyer. For all I know, he may be on his way to the pacific. Two of my children are in coast cities on the pacific. Many of you all over this country have boys in the services who will now be called upon to go into action. You have friends and families in what has suddenly become a danger zone. Everything's alright, ma. I don't want you to sit up this way. Everything's alright. I had to deliver a telegram Games To a lady over on g street. It said her son's dead. She wouldn't believe it. And when I got back to the office, the old telegraph operator was drunk. He has to do his work, or they'll put him on a pension. Everything's alright, homer. It's only that you are becoming aware of a world in which you've been a child. I don't know what's happening. Or why. But no matter what Games I won't let anything hurt you that way. Dear homer, you are now the man of the macauley family. So everything I have at home is yours. My books, my phonograph, my microscope. I miss you, of course, and I think about you all the time. I think about our father, who died so recently and yet so long ago. His goodness Games somehow Games Still with us. Ah, knock it off. His death is not an easy thing to understand. I guess it just takes time. Time to let it go. And when the pain leaves Games I hope the rest will be lighter and better than ever. We leave for action soon. No one knows where that may be. I'm happy. And even though I wish there were no war Games I'm happy to be serving my country, which, to me, is ithaca. Marcus.

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