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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Buddha Radio Sydney

Buddha Radio Sydney, Buddha Radio Sydney online radio, Buddha Radio Sydney internet radio fm... Fearless, that's what you are. You are a fearless young man and you're an excellent listener, too. What is happening? Are you limping over there? Are you okay? Yes, sir. Okay, then. A few telegrams have piled up and a few pickups. You do the pickups first, then deliver the telegrams afterwards. Yes, sir, right away. I'm awfully sorry I'm late. Ah, that's alright. Don't worry, we'll keep an eye on your brother for you. You just Games you go ahead. Yeah, you go ahead, homer. Willie, I'm going over to corbett's for a drink. I am having dinner tonight with Diana and her parents, and I feel the need for a little Games fortification. Well, ulysses and me can hold down the fort while you're gone. Can we? You think? Yep. Get the good wine ready for pickup. Oh, when homer comes back, you two keep him here until sunripe growers calls for their pickup. Listen, your brother has beaten western union to sunripe growers twice in the last two days. How many'd he get yesterday? Uh Games . Sixty-seven. He beats them again, we might have a good month after all. I'll be back. One drink. Oh, that's sunripe now, ready for pickup. I'll do the pickup, Willie. How do you like that? You? Yes, me. If homer can beat western union, so can I. And I'm gonna do it on foot! Hmm. Sam. Hannah. Hi, boys! You! Are the loveliest woman in the world. Heya, Harry. Postal telegraph! Stan. What on earth? Once a messenger, always a messenger, Mrs. brockington. I declare, you're never gonna grow up, tom Spangler. Hope not. Beaten again, Harry. Ah, poor Harry. Here it is, night letters, all paid. Oh! Thank you. Here you go, Harry. Hate for you to go back to western union with nothing to send. How is it, Ralph? Oh, not bad, not good. Not bad, not good. I buy them three to their one. When they're broke and ready to go, I'll give them their money back. You afford that? No. Ah, something eatin' you, Ralph? Maybe. You know old Dutch here Games Would've been years old today. Can you imagine that? Is that so? Hey. Hey, screwball, give us another couple of drinks.

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