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Saturday, October 22, 2016

1WAY 91.9 FM Canberra

1WAY 91.9 FM Canberra, ACT, 1WAY 91.9 FM Canberra, ACT online radio, 1WAY 91.9 FM Canberra, ACT internet radio fm... tax and Games We don't count the address or the signature. Alright, cents, that's not bad. Uh, how much to San Antonio? Uh, half as much as, uh, Jersey. That makes a lot of sense. So half of cents, that would make it-- a quarter. cents. Thank you. Alright, great. Here you go, sir. Ooh, there it is. Huh? You're gonna have to pardon my, uh, pal fat here. He's just, uh, he's just homesick something awful. It's not my name, no. Dude. You see, ma'am, fat here and I, we're shipping out tomorrow and he's just a little nervous, that's all. It's not my name. At all. Box. Box? B-o-c Games b-o-c-k-s? Uh, yeah, c-k-s. Of Games of dried figs. Dried figs. Yes, f-i-g-g-s. We were gonna go to the picture show and we were wondering if-if Games Well, if you wanted Games If you wanted to maybe come with Games if you wanted to come. Yeah, there's gonna be a cartoon, I hear. The cartoon's my favorite part. Sure. You would? We're going to the pictures with 'em. Okay, hold on just one second. Don't worry about nothing. Love, Bernard. You're done. After you. I got it. I'll get the door. I'll get the door! The greatest double-cross in history. Jap envoys talk peace in Washington. Jap planes, without warning, bring war to America. Our great pacific outpost in the Hawaiian islands is ruthlessly bombed as Japan's perfidious declaration of war. Death and destruction unleashed on a nation at peace. On that fateful Sunday morning, when this country was extending a friendly hand of conciliation and peace. A nation, like a person, has something deeper, something more permanent, something larger than the sum of all its parts. It is that something which matters most to its future. It's yours. Huh? Here, take it. Your sister Bess brought your supper by. She was with a girl, a very pretty girl. Is it an important telegram? That's Mary, our neighbor. She's Marcus's girl. I was gonna get us two pies, but there's plenty here. Will you share with me? Oh, no, thanks. I'm not hungry. Maybe if you Games Started to eat a little, your appetite will improve. Yeah.

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