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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

1CMS CMS FM 91.1 FM Canberra

1CMS CMS FM 91.1 FM Canberra, 1CMS CMS FM 91.1 FM Canberra online radio, 1CMS CMS FM 91.1 FM Canberra internet radio fm... Because, well, what's the use? I thought a fellow would never cry when he got to be grown up. 'Cause that's when you start finding out about things. There will always be pain in this world, homer. And a good man will seek to take the pain out of things. Mrs. macauley, ulysses and me have already been to Mr. Henderson's tree with auggie, Enoch, shag, nickie and alf, but the apples aren't ripe. Well of course they're not, Lionel. They need more time. Well, they're gonna play football now, and ulysses's too small, and ulysses and me, we're partners and I wanna ask permission to take ulysses to the public library. You have my permission. Was Marcus like ulysses when he was little? In what way? Fearless. Well, ulysses is like his father. Except Games No one is fearless. I wish I could be like ulysses. You know, ma, you're just about the most wonderful person anyone could ever know. There goes auggie. Another touchdown. I'm gonna go to the telegraph office. I told them I'd come, just in case they needed me. Oh, and Mr. grogan, he ate one of the sandwiches. He told me to tell you thank you. So thanks, ma, from Mr. grogan. Katie. Katie? Yes, Matthew? Katie. Yes. Marcus? Marcus? You okay? Yeah. So, uh Games So, ulysses Games What's he like? Let me tell you about him. Hi, homer! Homer's going to work. Homer's going to work! : Okay, in a minute! Saved by the bell. So, uh Games thank you, Lily, and Games I'll be seeing you. Mm-hmm. Telegram for Dolly hawthorne? Oh, she's out. I can take it. Hold on a minute, will you? Boy, would you come here a minute, please? Oh. Would you mail this letter for me? It's very important. It's my sister. Send it air mail, special delivery, registered. There's money in it. Um Games I haven't got any stamps. Would you do this for me? Yes, ma'am. Here is a dollar. Put the letter in your hat, don't let anybody see it, and don't tell anybody. I won't tell anybody. I'll do it right now. I'll bring you your change. No! Don't come back here. No, it can't be. It's a machine! I don't think so, auggie.

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