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Sunday, October 30, 2016

CW Remix Sydney

CW Remix Sydney, CW Remix Sydney online radio, CW Remix Sydney internet radio fm... Doc Games question: In the chamber, you and Fixer were able to communicate. How? You remember that experiment that went bad? The one that ruined me Games brought me to you? Fixer was my assistant, he died in that experiment. I couldn't bear it, so I constructed a hologram and programmed it with his dying brain waves Games Games and built in subroutines so I could keep tabs on him. He never knew Games my best work! It certainly was! What? What? Do I have something on my shirt or something? Okay, weirdos Games I'm the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul! Subtitle by Uncle Andy There is a good chance she has passed. How long ago did she vanish? Three weeks. Throughout this session Games It is imperative that we do not break the circle. If we do indeed make contact with her Games Only one of us shall speak at a time. You must ask questions with a yes or no for an answer. One tap for no Games And two taps for yes, understood? Yes. Let us join hands. Foul spirits be warned. Thou shall be banished if ye approach this circle. We only wish to contact whom we ask. You have been warned by all that is good and pure. Please open your eyes and place your fingertips on the table. Elena Tolwood. Dearest Elena Games We call out to you. Are you present with us? Elena, we only wish to ask you a few questions. Would you like to join us? Elena, sweetie Games Don't be afraid! This is ridiculous. No. Elena, was that you, dear? Elena, it's mommy! Was that you on the piano? Yes. Good job, Elena! This is a safe place. Please join us at this table. Elena, are you okay? No. Irwin. Elena. Did someone hurt you? Yes. Who hurt my baby? Elena, did someone kill you? Yes. This is an utter outrage! Do not break this sacred circle! Irwin, stop it! She's a fraud, a complete fraud! The piano and the table are rigged! Agh! Madame? Madame? Oh, my god! Oh, no! Help me, daddy. It hurts. I'll kill you! Irwin! Oh, god! Your little girl is ours! You evil bitch! Tainted by the devil! What have we done? What in god's name Games She warned

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