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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WKXX MIX 102.9 Attalla

WKXX MIX 102.9 Attalla, Online WKXX MIX 102.9 Attalla Radio internet, WKXX MIX 102.9 Attalla USA Radio open your eyes. So, before we start, would anybody like to share feelings about Joe's departure? Joe's gone? No one has anything to share? I have something. Before group, I couldn't help but overhear Paul talking explicitly and glowingly about heroin usage. And I feel, in light of Joe's relapse, this kind of drug talk is counterproductive to working a rigorous program. Yeah, Joe failed. He, uh, failed to see his disease for what is it. I guess, for some people, it takes a while. They lose sight of why they're here. Or as I can figure it out, it's because I, um, I too much. I think it's a little more than that. I could put a bug so far up your ass you wouldn't know whether to take a or wind your wrist watch. Okay, that's enough. What is it with you and that stupid movie? I don't wanna break up the meeting or nothing, but she's something of a cunt, ain't she, Doc? Language! I'd like to break that DVD. If you break that DVD, we're down to "The Notebook" and "Cars ." People, enough! Look, I know this is an open forum, but can we please keep it to the parameters of acceptance, solution, and commitment? Dylan. Yeah, so, uh, in the spirit of the open forum, I was wondering why a myriad of web domains are blocked in the computer room. You mean ? No. No, I was referring to certain destinations within the political blogosphere. There's an outpouring of stimulating and thought-provoking material that we're being denied access to. The only outpouring you're interested in is gonna wind up getting stuck to the keyboard. Guys, the rules of the computer room are not relevant right now. What is relevant is acceptance. That's what your recovery is all about. Having the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. Joining us today, we have Charlie Mills. Hi, Charlie. Is there anything you'd like to share with us today, Charlie? No. No. Okay, Charlie. Well, just know that if you continue to refuse to accept the disease that put you here, you will continue to be a repeat offender. Don't you mean repeat customer? You have a disease, Charlie. We all do, all right? And acceptance is the first step towards controlling Radio You know, you're right. I do have a disease. It's this place, okay? It makes you feel like a leper, and then, when you get out, everyone's expecting you to up again, so you start using. And then, it's like, you hold their heads underwater, but then come down on us for trying to come up for air. Sobriety is your breath of fresh air. It's your ticket out, and it's priceless. Priceless? Really? What's the entrance fee to this place nowadays? K? You're no better than the guy on the corner, okay, but you're not slinging dope, you're slinging false hope and serenity. And you got everybody hooked Radio doctors, parents, teachers, lawyers, even the judges. And we're paying out the nose for it. You think I do this for the money? No. No, I think you do this for the courtside seats to human suffering. Can't watch you do that anymore. Hey, thanks. I liked your, uh, your "Cuckoo's Nest" bit. Yeah? Been in and out of these places for years, and all I got to show for it's a bag of newcomer chips and an okay Nicholson impersonation. Excuse me. I don't mean to pry, but are you David Mills' son? See, I told you! I'm a huge fan. Yo, ho, ho, ho The battle has begun I love that pirate , man. Oh, man. Did he do his own fencing? Charlie! Need you in the office. I'll be right there. Now, kiddo. Yep. Keep your head down, brother. You know why you're here? Let me take a crack at it. You're gonna say that I'm being difficult, and that is hindering not only my own recovery but the recovery of those around me. Thank you, sir, for, uh, taking time out of your very busy day. Hello? Charlie? Dad. What do you think you're doing? Don't know what you're talking about, Dad. Not one day goes by, and already they want to throw you out. Sounds good. Go ahead, be glib. You think just 'cause you're , everything will magically slide off you? It doesn't work that way, Charlie. Well, tell me, Dad, how does it work? Wanna be your own man, make your own choices?

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