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Sunday, December 18, 2016

WZYP 104.3 FM Athens

WZYP 104.3 FM Athens, Online WZYP 104.3 FM Athens Radio internet, WZYP 104.3 FM Athens USA Radio Yeah. Okay. I boxed myself in with "smarter." Fresh off the flight, sunset Thought I saw Snoop at the back in the coupe to the right Yeah, the blue with the white, feed it on, feed it on Have your whole style ted on first sight Party at Dre's, rooftop, room's hot Chicks with the boo-wop going both ways This be the banger for the ones on Cahuenga Shorty outside thinking I'm a pop singer Radio Maybe you should hit up some open mics again. You should have some great material from all those places. Yeah, maybe. Looking good on my way to L.A. Rodeo, B. Hills Homie, this is how it feels on the way to L.A. The L.A. way, pretty every day Got Hollywood Hill skills, hear what I say? Kobe shoots Radio I got my Swishers with me, I got some bitches with me You coming with me? I'm on my way to L.A. Guess they forgot the "welcome home" banner. It's gonna be okay. Ah Radio Yeah. I mean, it's gotta be. I mean, I'm , and they can't just throw me out, so we're just gonna Radio we're just gonna have to hash it out. You want me to come in with you? Yeah. Yeah, you can say a quick hi. Do I smell like weed? No. I think I smell like weed. Hello? Mom? Hello? Hey. Hi, Charlie. Hey. Hey, guys. Happy birthday, sweetie. Yeah, happy birthday, son. Thanks. Hi, Adam. Hey, Miss Mills. Oh, you must be Charlie. Welcome, have a seat. A intervention. Really? I Radio Did you know about this? No, I swear. Charlie, please Radio Mrs. Mills, allow me. This is what I do. Oh, you mean you're not a personal trainer? Charlie, take a seat. Mr. Mills, just stay calm. Dad, I'm not gonna sit here and listen to you tell me what a piece of drug addict I am. No one said that you're a piece Radio You need to go back. How many times do I have to tell you, those places, they don't work for me. Look, no one said that sobriety was easy. Can you never speak again? That'd be Radio that'd be great. Just why can't I stay here? Please? That's, um, that's not an option right now. We're here to save your life, Charlie. Can we just talk about this? Let's just talk about it, please. Your mother and I Radio have already decided. Mom? Ahem, Charlie, I want you to be back home with us Radio Honey, we just discussed this, remember? Can't let him manipulate you. I'm not manipulating her. I'm asking her for her opinion. You should try it some time. How dare you. Careful, I'm one of your constituents now. You wouldn't wanna lose the governor's race by one vote. Okay, you know what? Here's how it's gonna go. You can either head back to treatment or live on the streets. It's your choice. That's an easy one. No, Charlie. Honey, honey. Okay, can you not Radio I can't believe you. I'm sorry, we did not discuss him living on the streets. Yeah, we did Radio That was not an option. Okay, you know what? We couldn't have just listened Radio He comes in here reeking of pot with his drug buddy Radio Yo, Charlie! Charlie! Look, man, I knew that was gonna happen. Let's just be smart about this, okay? I told you! Oh, what, you're taking their side? No, no, man. I'm on your side, all right? It's just Radio Look, it's all about knowing when to up, all right? You think your dad's gonna give a about any of this when he's elected? No, no, he's gonna be in Sacramento doing his governor thing. That's the point, man. Now it's about up his campaign. Then it will be about up his agenda. Right, you're right. Go ahead. Go Radio go do what you always do. Go shoot up, prove everyone right. With no money, what are you gonna do, huh? Go down to Skid Row and wave your virgin asshole around? Just Radio stick it out for days. You know, I'll be moving out my parents and have my own place for sophomore year, you can Radio you can stay there as long as you want. Right. No. You're right. Besides, I should probably save my virgin asshole for that special someone, right? Someone who, uh, you know, love me for me, right? I could be that guy. I just Radio I just can't take another one of those lockdown places, you know? They said it was supposed to be like a hotel. Yeah, they always say that. I'll probably walk the second I get there. I'm here if you need me. I'll be thinking about you. Oh, sure you will. Yeah. You'll be sniffing coke off of some sorority girl's tits thinking, "I wonder how Charlie's sobriety is coming?" Lift your scrotum, please. It just covers you like a warm blanket, inside and out. Hey, it's the new guy. How you doing, new guy? They probably put him in Joe's room. Yeah, he was way to cool for this place. Yeah, he flew the cuckoo's nest, went McMurphy. You guys do nothing but complain about how you can't stand it in this place here, but you don't have the guts to just walk out? Paul, just finish, man. Okay, so all I'm saying is, you could be under a bridge in a cold rain and still feel the warmth. You could Radio hit the lottery, win the Nobel Prize, and bang the homecoming queen all at the same time, and it wouldn't touch that first rush. . Man. I'm sold. But every shot after that Radio just sloppy seconds. The luck ones, just mourn the feeling. But most end up chasing it to the grave. Okay,

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