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Friday, December 16, 2016

WCSN-FM Sunny 105.7 Orange Beach

WCSN-FM Sunny 105.7 Orange Beach, Online WCSN-FM Sunny 105.7 Orange Beach Radio internet, WCSN-FM Sunny 105.7 Orange Beach USA Radio < Who has the balls? From whom now? Die. Come on, girls! Move it! Come on! People, are you listening? Guys, can you hear me? What is your situation? We're still alive! Your help would be welcome! Understand. Joe, we have to go! Pull the zipper off. And where the hell is Jack? Billy. Billy! She knew she liked it hard. I can play hard. My kind of bitch. I do not have time for this. Siren, be careful! Billy! Billy is down. Attract them to the center. Leave it to me, buddy! Come on, Damn copper heads, It's dinner time! That's right! Come and get it! Overjoyed! It is the same as barbecue, But even better! Come and get it! Billy! Billy! Not this one! No, no, no. We have to stop. It will work. We have to finish Radio "No, no, relax. Should not Have given up on you. Billy, you have to promise. You have to take care of yourself now. Billy. Billy, wake up. Billy, wake up. Billy! Wake up, Billy! Vermillion is mine. I love you, Billy. Quick, they're still coming. Come on, copperheads! It's time to dance! Come here. Come and get it. That. That's right. Komodo, answer, man! Use your swords, Where are the blades? Come here now, Because there are a lot of them coming! I caught you, you bastard! It's not a good idea. Stay behind me. Where is it? Moving them away from the city. I will try to get there As fast as you can. Crazy whore! They are everywhere! And I'm running out of whiskey. You screwed up, did not you? Damn it. Komodo! Whiskey, where are you? Love! Trixie Trixie. Trixie. I Love You Love. I love you. Everything I've Known It was death. Everything I've seen. As the Sirene tells, Was how it ended. There can be no beginning. With Apocalypta dead, humanity has The chance to start over. And a chance to rest. To finally rest Radio in death. Oh, uh Radio I, uh, I got my wisdom teeth out. Yeah? What you working with, Perks? No, uh Radio I switched the labels around, I'm not, uh Radio Let me see those. Yeah, yeah, man. These are, um Radio Let me see those! My mother's Oxys? What the , man? Oh! What else you take? Nothing, man, just those. Get the outta here! Get outta here! Adam Radio your phone. Adam, your phone is ringing. What are you doing? You have like three missed calls. What, are you my secretary? Who do you know from Utah? No one. ! Charlie. I have to go. ! What about your parents? Eh, don't worry about them. You're just gonna leave all this out here? Yeah, they don't come up here anyway. All right. Just don't do any while I'm gone. There he is. Hey, man. Ah Radio It's good to see you. Oh, God. Thanks for getting me. Are you kidding? I can't get enough of Barstow. Book me in when I'm headed downtown Give my crews pounds, they don't fool around Pullin' back of the crews with no doubt When I'm rolling dice, I got my boys on the lookout Radio So, who you been hanging out with? No one, really. Just been, uh, just spend a lot of time with this girl. Actually, it's, uh, Stacey. Stacey? Stacey Chapman? Stacey Radio Why would you ever hang out with Stacey Chapman? She's a train Radio Boom. Holy . Right? Wow. She really changed. She's blossomed. Yeah. What about you? Me? Oh, glad you asked. What do you think, hmm? She's a beaut, right? Yeah. Yeah. She really listens to me, too. So, uh, how's Tyler, man? I miss that motherer. Uh, started at UMich. Yeah? How's Jackson? Uh Radio a lot better than the last time you saw him. What a night, huh? I think he, uh Radio went to Stanford but he dropped out or something. I don't know. But, hey, I'm still here. Barstow. I guess we're just gonna have to improvise. No Radio DJ Mills. No, man. Come on. I'm not doing it. Come on, the beat's dropping, baby. I'm not doing it, no, man. I'm not Radio I'm not gonna Radio Unh. I'm lean, mean, joint-smoking machine With zero s given now that I'm I know that I'm white and I don't know the lingo Copying styles like I work at Kinkos Oh! Finally clear-headed But not sober And the smartest kid around without a high school diploma Oh! Unh. And I keep getting smarter If you wanna with me, then bop, bop, bop Aaron Carter Aaron Carter?

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