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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

WBTG-FM 106.3 FM Sheffield

WBTG-FM 106.3 FM Sheffield, Online WBTG-FM 106.3 FM Sheffield Radio internet, WBTG-FM 106.3 FM Sheffield USA Radio A short pause. Which is! Listen, you know what? Let's vote, right? When you count to three. , Radio ! Gentlemen. Let's go. Whiskey Joe, why do not you come up? I want you to meet somebody. I'll see if Trixie is here. Hello sir Hello Miss! Mamma has What you need, my love. Ammunition, Water, Food Radio And, of course, girls. Do you like her. I can make it happen. But first, if the gentlemen Want supplies, then Radio Go down the stairs with me, love. Why would you have two? Two? Ah, two! I'm ambidextrous. In fact, This is my whiskey And this one here has blood. That's naughty. I like . I can catch? Wait there, lass! Do not pull this here. Simple to turn around A copper head, I'll smell blood, I'll open and drink. And when to pull this here Radio CABUM! Whiskey Joe Pieces Everywhere, you know? I know where I want A piece of Whiskey Joe. You know, do not you? So, let's go inside. Just a few more minutes. A few more minutes Radio She's fast! Door number two, It's our lucky day! Hey! You are welcome. Are you coming in? Thank you. But I paid the bill. for two. Get your money, my love. Love? Trixie? This one! What supplies we are talking? Almost there. Keep going down, love. Get in there! Billy! Billy! God, Billy. Answer! You need to stay calm. And talk low. Billy, are you listening? Joe, Vaquero, any! We are almost at the top. Already arrived? Are you listening? Exchange! Holy ! It's a trap! Guys, can you talk downstairs? We have to get out of here! Whiskey Joe is enjoying it! They work for Apocalypta! What? ! Bitch Honey I got to go! I swear I did not know What was she doing. Young girls, Do not let them escape! They're worth the price! Face! Here we go! Let's go! Vacaro! Come on, Vacaro! You can face it! Let's go! Faster, partner! Whiskey! Oh no! Oh man, Vacaro . Come on, man! really? Cowboy! Of all people, Did not have another? EVAN MEYER, YEARS. TAKEN VERY YOUNG. I've never seen her so closely. Few have seen. This place Seems to be abandoned. Where's Apocalypta? And the rest of her men? They live in the mines. We have to find an entry. Let's find my brother. Jack! Down here. It seems we found Our entrance. Daisy. Billy. Love. Daisy! Release it! No! Let her go, Johnny! I have a surprise for you guys. I think the last time Did not work right. Hold on, my love. If you hurt her Radio Tell Apocalypta I'm cleaning here. Go ahead, We can start now. Johnny is with them. It's time. Yes. It's time. Yes. Now you're done! Join your brothers And his sisters, And destroy Desert Springs, by me! You made a deal With the Devil, boy. She will be a great specimen Of my army! No! Daisy! No! No! Daisy! Billy! No! It's all right. Let's take That son of a bitch. I'm sorry. Quickly. Through these doors. I am behind you Radio Jack! Thank you. The son of a bitch has guided us Even his trap. Will not laugh when I get you, You son of a bitch. Keep running. That should hold them for a while. It should give us an advantage. Any idea? At least We went down the mountain. From here, Is to guess where it went. It looks like it's coming Radio from here. This way. Quickly! Great shortcut. It's not exactly Desert Springs. Follow me. Sorry For not having anticipated it. Apocalypta Rebuilt the mines And it's midway Of Desert Springs. And does it matter? Billy, we still have A job to do. I do not care. She would want That it should continue. There is nothing So it's worth continuing. Will decide for everyone down there? That's what you did. Do not make the same mistake. Which I have committed. I messed up. I messed up a lot. But I will not commit The same error twice. Because you will come with me. We will go through this together. Are you understanding me? You know Radio Come here. That was good! How beautiful. Yeah, I know. Let's get everyone. Almost finished. Here it is! That! That! This is great. Chapel of Desert Springs. We arrived. The copper heads are Returning to Desert Springs. It may be there that Jack And the others are. Well, let's go there and kill Copper heads. CHAPTER VII ATTACK ON DESERT SPRINGS Not my city.

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