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Monday, December 12, 2016

KIH57 NOAA Weather Radio 162.475 VHF Florence

KIH57 NOAA Weather Radio 162.475 VHF Florence, Online KIH57 NOAA Weather Radio 162.475 VHF Florence Radio internet, KIH57 NOAA Weather Radio 162.475 VHF Florence USA Radio " Do it. Now go. CHAPTER V TRAVEL TO APOCALYPTA I will try again. Billy, Daisy, Are you listening? Joe, Komodo, Are you listening? Nothing yet. They are not listening, I can not get anything. We have to continue. What the is that? An old trap. Keep going. Let's go. It does not look like we're going Meet them so soon. We need to evaluate the situation. All right, hold on. I will try again. Guys, are you there? Billy? Daisy? Folks, I think we should go back. We should go look for them, do not you think? No, let's move on. It's easier. You will find us, Do not worry. Stupid. Hey, guys? What did you say? Listen, we're Americans, We speak English, right? Stupid. "Why do you need to talk like that?" I do not know, I do not know why. "Put what?" Why you? I know why, I know. You're crazy . I'm not crazy. Do you speak Spanish now? Beauty! I loved this. What a beauty! Strange drink. Did you like it? The lady of the mountain. The signs tell us To go that way. Come on, Koporo. Or whatever! Hey, where are you going? BAIT Hey, boy. What the ? Thank you. You should be more careful. They will smell it. We must continue. So what we do here, after all? Is called Of Heavenly Burial. I'll leave it here for the crows. And vultures feed themselves. Then he will come back To the circle. The copper heads They are just hungry creatures. Wolves, lions, humans, Everyone wants food. They can be Understood. That thing up there on the mountain, She understands. If you have any chance To defeat her, Will need help. What is it? See this? The meat was food Usually, but look at the bone. It was cut To pieces first. Pets Are different from the wild. This one was fed. What does that mean? It means that we are getting closer. Look at me! Look at me! Calm Radio Eat, copperhead. You tried to kill me! No Radio I arrested him! And I killed him! Eat, copperhead! Great, now what? Is here. It's a difficult climb from here. I suggest you rest. We leave at dawn. You should drink this. It will make you strong. These celestial burials, Did someone teach you this? My grandmother. She survived the war. She teached me Such as tracking, how to survive. She taught you To do it alone? She met my grandfather. Before the epidemic. He was a miner. So, it all started here? In these mines? She said that men They went home, With copper dust In helmets. Copper heads. They called themselves that way. Well before. He turned first. Then his team. She had to kill him herself. Yes, she taught me. To do it alone. Chord. Time to go. Obey to me, Copperhead! Obey me, Copper head. Obey me, copper head. Calm down! They must be fed To fight! Do not fear. Do not be afraid. Do not fear. They prefer raw meat. Fix the fence! Unless you want to Be next. Trixie. Guys, Trixie said Who would come this way. I promised that if I came here, Would pass by there. There is food, water, Supplies. Even ammunition. Come on. Look at those socks. Do we die? We must have died. I smell it. It's a brothel! "It must be where she is. What does that mean? "It's no secret." "Come on, shall we?" This should be The army of Apocalypta. It seems so. Let's eliminate them. What are we waiting for? We have no ammunition. Sufficient for all. Do not kill a dragon Cutting their claws. You cut off the head. The way to the top It is just after these rocks. Let's go up the mountain And get rid of the psychopath witch. Step where I step. There are many pitfalls here. Copper heads. There will be copper heads. What's your business? We Radio Sales, ma'am. Panties! We sell panties! They want to enter, Right, boys? How much will it cost? We have a lot here. That's mine! Do not worry. So? Can we come in now? "I still do not trust her. "But Jack does. As far as I know, she may want Deliver us to Apocalypta. This is a great plan. It will transform some gunmen In copper heads? They'll never get us. Let's go. Let's go. Go to sleep. CHAPTER VI THE TRAP We will see If Trixie is here, pick up supplies And get out of here fast. I think we should Go after the others. Dude, relax. Let's meet with them. But let's do

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