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Saturday, December 10, 2016

KIH54 NOAA Weather Radio 162.55 VHF Birmingham

KIH54 NOAA Weather Radio 162.55 VHF Birmingham, Online KIH54 NOAA Weather Radio 162.55 VHF Birmingham Radio internet, KIH54 NOAA Weather Radio 162.55 VHF Birmingham USA Radio Sit down. Okay, okay. You are part of the team. This is a public place, Coop. I do not have to do what's up. It should protect us, Sheriff. I'll protect you, Jay. And if you're staying Radio Will have to fight Like the rest of us. I will not become A copper head. Chupões. All right, everybody. Looks like your friend is not coming. So you are the last hope To protect Desert Springs. We'll leave at dawn. I have to check My foster son, Georgie. Have fun. Hello! He left the door open. You have to be more careful. I have to clear my mind. What's your best? Other than water! This bottle of Whiskey here Is over years old. I've saved it. I imagine it has the taste Of the best times. Like, before the epidemic. It can do. How much? More than you can afford. That's nice. Because I will not pay. Ms. We still need a way To walk the mountain. We need a guide. The only one worthwhile that I know It's the Siren. Who? "A warrior priestess." She knows the terrain. Better than anyone. Known for killing More copper heads than I do. You look like my kind of woman. Either way, it does not matter. For you can not find it. She finds you. I said Jack would not come. Do not shot. Do not be like this, my love. Should know That he would disappoint you. Should not even have If bothered. Do you really carry All this hate? I hate that he never was present. I hate That he is suffering. And I hate giving up on him. Cooper? Back! Come on, Billy, we gotta get in. Now! Folks Radio He is dead! Who? Cooper. He's a copperhead. There's a lot of them out there. Here we go! Who is it? What happens? Come on. I'm coming. Look after the rear! Right, right. I'm ready! Just a little more. I think he really wanted to Back to the bar, right? They are still coming in! Billy! I can not Get him off me! Jack! I got the message. I did not think it would come. I'm happy to help. Sorry to do that. With you, my love. Jack? It took a lot. Hey guys! Look at this! Well, that was fun. Then Cooper died, So what's the rest of the deal? If you finish this mission, I'll give you any crap That you want. Cooper had a plan. I think we should Continue with it. Wait a minute. What about him? He should know How to survive outside. Hey, Jack. What do you think? Everybody needs to die someday. I may not come back alive. I do not believe that. Great. Because I was Wanting a kiss of sorrow. I think I have to go. I have to save the day. Nothing important. All right, hero. When you're done saving us, find me. Just tell me where. I have a friend On the outskirts of the city, Told me to look for her If he needed work. What kind of job? I do not know. And work. They must have food And groceries there, So if you are On those sides, show up. Let's get his teeth. Disgusting! I prefer the good old gold. The more teeth they have, The more valuable you are. Those willing to face them And not running, are rare. I should make a necklace. Of copper-headed teeth. You should. "You're good." Do not forget it. See you soon. Certainly. CHAPTER IV A FULL MINE OF ZUMBIS Where are we going? For the mines, Has supplies there. How did you get into this? We volunteered. Someone needs An end to it. "What's going on between you and Billy?" It's a long story. And Jack? Longer still. Sorry, buddy. Let's go. Vacaro, show the route. There will be much more, Just continue Do not. Let's go around. We spend a lot of ammunition last night. There's a small area here. Are you sure? By the way, it looks like here He's been dead for a long time. A friend said that he had A stock here. Is that right, Jack? Who is your friend? We entered, we separated To cover the terrain And we were within reach Of the walkie-talkie. Not so well. So hidden. Not the copperheads. Split up? You are all Crescidinhos. Listen. If it gets ugly inside, It's yours on the straight. Give me your Radio My bad. Face! What the , man. Hey, how are things there? This is dead! I do not know, I plan to follow the leader. There's nothing here, Jack. Keep looking. Right, So there are no guns here. But there's a lot Of dead copper heads. Staff, there are several Copper heads cut here. Very dead! Keep your eyes open. Watch out! Did you hear that noise? , Son of your mother! Out? Yes. That was a great idea, Jack! Jack! Not here. Go! Damn it! You like this, huh? Want more? Want more? No head-covers here! How beautiful! It works very well! Thanks, honey. Have you been bitten? What the hell? Would be welcome A little help here, guys! No, you can, Vacaro. Damn it! Thanks! He is good. "What happened to you?" I made a new friend, come on. Where are the others? Let's get together. "Shall we abandon them?" we will send Our location. Stamper called, Said they broke up. It's going to be easy Get them now. Anyway, we are on our way Of Desert Springs. Stamper finished To map the mines. We can use it To come back from the attack And the heroes will be trapped On the mountain or die. Who is he? This is a volunteer. He thinks he has What it takes. I heard you are looking for good guys. Do not let them come In living Desert Springs. Weak! "I'll put it with the others.

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