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Thursday, December 8, 2016

WMSP Sports Radio 740 Montgomery

WMSP Sports Radio 740 Montgomery, Online WMSP Sports Radio 740 Montgomery Radio internet, WMSP Sports Radio 740 Montgomery USA Radio I can stay, Or is it asking too much? Make sure he hanged at sunrise. Sunrise? I do prefer the mornings. Stamper said That they got him. They got Johnny. At where? Desert Springs, With the good old Mayor Shelby and Sheriff Cooper. Stamper, Bring Johnny back! They take from me, I take from them! Go! You definitely got some Heads-copper, Stamper. But we have one more job Before leaving the city. There he is. Wait a second. Hello boy. What is your name? Georgie. Your mother or father. Are they around? Sheriff Cooper Take care of you, right? I was an orphan myself. Before my father was A copper head, Do you know what he was? He was a doctor. Trying to find the cure. Even if they are scary, they are equal To you and me. I can help you To see their parents again. Apocalypta will attack soon, And I'm afraid we're not ready. Look at them, we can not Accept more refugees, We barely survive like this! How did that clown escape? Damn it! How did you let that happen? You find him And you eviscerate him! It should already be halfway From the mountain now. Then go there, Do what you need Find our best And crazier men, Take them there and kill him. Kill the Vermillion And kill Apocalypta. Kill until everyone there Are dead. And I mean the type of death Of which there is no turning back. CHAPTER II THE MAGNIFICENT DEAD What do you got? ! You know what I was thinking. Right now? I thought the drunker you get, the better you get. I think he cheated. Really? Cheating? Me? Cheating? I'll break your heart, Walsh. Look at this. Look at these beautiful White teeth. They are not teeth Of copper head. I will not be able to sell them. Never. There's a game I want to see. If you're good too. It's to know If you're going to leave here alive. Come on, hickey! I have to go. I'm drunk. I saw what you did in there. Impressive. You're Whiskey Joe, right? Yup. The one and only. Are you interested in a job, Whiskey Joe? I am putting together A group of men. Let's go up the mountain And defeat Apocalypta once and for all. It seems like a suicide mission. for me. Of course. It can be true, But the attacks will not stop. They will continue, Like it or not. The humanity. We are an endangered race. But we can choose How it will end. Or it's our way. Or her way. What will be your choice, Whiskey Joe? "How many men do you need?" "How many, I suppose." I have a friend. If it were legal Sign marriage certificate With an rifle, He would have signed. Let's get him. Good Radio You are so good As I remembered. We got a mission. Got a job? On the top of the mountain. No one comes back from there. Nobody shoots like the Vacaro . Cowboy. Apocalypta. She is here. It is everywhere. It's time to end it. I know of someone else That we need to recruit. We call this guy Of "The Komodo". Because? You will see. Just relax, Doctor. Do not do anything and everything is fine. He's like a vigilante ninja. Swords, flying stars Radio Help who can not If it helps. Shoot him! Komodo. Cowboy. Whiskey. Oops. I have a question. Why waste time With those boring idiots? I pay for my anguish With medication. We need your help. Suarez! It is! This is my boy! How much to send someone? There are teeth to send a letter To one of the city-ships. Anywhere else Radio There is no other place. No, I want to find someone. Out there. How much To send a hunter? There are teeth. Advanced. I do not have teeth. How rich! I have a wife who would like Of this brilliant little thing. Who are you looking for? An old friend. Thank you very much. What's the problem? Why do you want to find my brother? He knows that Jack Only thinks of itself. He is the best. Well, second best. My love, go back to bed. Where's your ring? I have a letter to Jack. Who are you? I'm just the postman, sir! What you want? I have a message, If you want to receive. She said she'd be here. Put it on the floor! Now, send it. Have a good day, sir! I'm going. Jack, I'm writing Because I know Billy will not. Apocalypta destroyed Harbor's Junction fully and soon will come To Desert Springs. If we are going to stop it, We need you. Please, let's leave The past aside. Daisy Jane. CHAPTER III ATTACK PLAN POST OF QUARANTINE Big door of the club. We're the whole team? I do not know! Pardon me, Mam. Sorry, how yo doing? These are lovely Radio All right, it was bad. I deserved it. Go shower. She likes me. If you are here to meet Cooper, come on then. I brought you Because they are the best. Only this can defeat Apocalypta And Vermillion, the bizarre Her right arm. As you know, he ran away. From prison a few days ago And now he has returned to the mountains. Now, let's get down to business. We're tracking Vermillion for a while. There is a complex in the mountains Where it is likely to be. The problem is getting there. However, there is a blind spot. few know Get out of the valley alive. So, any of you Have you ever been there? I know somebody. It's ok. I had him picked up. He can help. Very well, You cowards. Too much looseness To join us. Get out of my way. This bar is now Government property. Let's go then. No love.

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