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Friday, December 30, 2016

WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville

WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville, Online WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville Radio internet, WLRH-HD2 89.3 FM Huntsville USA Radio But the Sheila fat jokes are gonna cost you toilet duty for a week. You're really getting in there, dude. Gotta embrace the work. I don't know. As a recovering junkie, I'm pretty hesitant to get on my knees. Hey, unlike you, that does not bring back any memories. Hey, I never sucked . Good for you. Some guy did blow me once, though. What, it was for some H. Some guy sucked your for heroin? Sure, why is it such a big deal? I'm not . I was desperate. But you gave some guy heroin to suck your , so technically Radio Wait, no, no, no, no. He gave me the H. I was jonesing. Oh. Wait, that doesn't make any sense. It was a ed up time, and I'm not proud of it. Ho Radio Wait, hold on, hold on. Some guy gave you heroin to suck your ? Yeah, it's not that complicated. But Radio Addiction is a disease, man. No, I get why you did it. I get what you got out of it, but what does he get out of it? if I know. I can't believe I'm saying this, but that doesn't sound like such a bad deal. Yeah, if you close your eyes and think of Jessica Alba, it's really not that much of a difference. Although, he had like this goatee Radio Stop. Yo, Travis, do you think it's Radio If you gotta ask, the answer's yes. Good work, Charlie. Thanks. What the hell are you doing? I get more leverage when I use my foot. That's a mark right there. . One more week of this . Maybe if you let him blow you Radio you. So, I spoke to Charlie's counselor. And, um, according to the house manager, he has been a model member. He got an Radio I'm sorry to interrupt. Mr. Mills, I just wanna shake your hand. Thank you. Hi. We Radio we're all pulling for you. Appreciate it. And I'm a big fan of your films. Thank you so much. "Yo, ho, ho, and the battle begun." Yeah. Thank you, man. You got it. Take care. Willow, I told you, he's just a regular guy. Gotta love those likely voters. Mm. So, as I was saying Radio Yeah. Radio I spoke to Charlie's counselor, and they are inclined to give him an overnight pass this weekend, but we both have to sign off on it. Yeah, yeah. No, I'm not sure that's such a good idea, honey. Why not? Well, because we're only three weeks away from the election. He's been sober for months. Honey, just three weeks. Well, I already told him we would sign off on it. What? Yeah. Honey, honey. How many more times do we have to talk about this? He is even more handsome in person. Oh, look at those eyes. Thank you. Thank you. What the , man? I just sent it to a few friends. . This girl I've been seeing is on this student activity thing that books comics for college shows. She loved you. Great, great. I'm glad some random girl you're boning thinks I'm funny. I can die happy now. I thought I was helping. You're not helping. I was think close to getting an overnight with Eva. And if this video gets out, it's done. Sorry, man. , I didn't think about that. It's all right. I just Radio I worked really hard for this. Well, a wise man once said, "Work makes you free." Pretty sure the Nazis said that. No, I heard it in class. It was first said by a German writer in the s about the cleansing nature of work. And the Nazis put that on a big sign outside Auschwitz. Really? Yeah. The Nazis stole all the good ideas. Dad. Hey, Charlie. There's something I wanted to talk to you about. Yeah, um, listen, are you with Mom? No, she, uh, she went out. Why? Uh, well, just Radio Look, there's this pass that I've been meaning to talk to you about. My house manager says Radio Yeah, that's what I wanted to discuss. I don't think it's such a good idea right now. You need more time. No, Dad, I think you need more time. Have a great day! ! Hey, brother in recovery. Hey. You up for some fellowship? Got my pass. I got it. I got this cousin Marie to sign off on it. I'm all yours. Eva, wait. Stop, please. God, I want you to me. Stop, Eva, stop. I didn't get it. What? I didn't get the pass. My dad pulled the plug. What are you talking about? Charlie, I can't do this. I just can't do this Radio Come on, don't say that. Stop. We have nothing. That's not true. It's not true. Yeah, that's right.

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