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Sunday, January 1, 2017

1450 AM WDNG Radio

1450 WDNG Radio, Online 1450 WDNG Radio Radio internet, 1450 WDNG Radio USA Radio Well, if you can not one of them will take you inside. Not help, they are trying to involve him There is only one question that military personnel need to make the accused. You deny that disobeyed direct orders from Colonel? Well, you did out? No sir I did not. So because you are competing. So why is it so important for you to deny a weapon to serve in a combat unit? Since the Japanese attacked but Harbor, I took staff. All he knew were angry, unaccommodating. There were two men in my village. Declared with biplane which committed suicide for being unable to serve. I have a job in the firm and I could have taken but that's not right. It is not right and that another man has to fight and die while I'm at home sitting safe I need to serve. I have the energy and passion to serve as a doctor, right in the middle with the other boys no less danger alone Games While everyone else is taking life I will be saving her With the world also turning into pieces. I do not dislike put some pieces back again. Sorry sir you are not permitted. No, you do not understand my son is the defendant I understand sir, but is not allowed I have information. Thus it is indicating that the church can not doubt so. What the hell's going on outside. And Déjenlo. This isa uniform war. What is Mr. Lord need to show this with all respect. You're not miembrode the military, you can not be here sorry. It is truly the way it works sir? Fight for your country and give all of you and are over you. The uniform is forgotten and you have no voice You were released. I was in Anabello Wood Awarded times so I can see I guess you're the father of the accused I am a master, Thomas Dawson Then as a member of the military you know that there are laws here. I know the law and that the law protects my son, and is marked in our constitution And I believe in them as it does, and have fought to protect. At least that's what I think he did because if it was not for that. So I do not know what the hell is what I was doing Mr. Thanks soldier Dawson let me see the letter deme paper You must go. The rights of the defendant are aware of an opponent and is protected By Congress and can force you not resign these rights That includes in this case disobey use weapons. Signed General Brian mascons Washington DC Colonel. Mr. withdraw the charges. Now this case is solved. Cape Dawson are free to enter the hell of battle without a gun to protect you. You can continue your duties, and merge as a combat medic Where is it. It went straight told her to stay, I thought you wanted me. When you go home tell him I love him. Ok Ok You better come home with me. Okinawa Mayo I'll put a sock if you do not sing in chorus when we got there His car to come General. Clear the way. , or what remains of them. They are the ones we replace. It sounds good to me, walking. All clear sergeant. captain Glover I'm the lieutenant mangl We were assigned to you sir. Ok, let's give these men a little space Yes sir. This is Sergeant Hall Sit who is Dawson? a You Dawson? Erick shlelter Your I and Peach here,

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