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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Peach Oldies 97.7 Fm

The Peach Oldies 97.7 Fm, Online The Peach Oldies 97.7 Fm Radio internet, The Peach Oldies 97.7 Fm USA Radio are the only doctors we have in this area so I guess we'll be working together They just out of line. How is it? I asked how? Horrible We try to go six times, and six times threw us out. The last time there was nothing of the They are animals Games Stinky animals. They do not care if they die, they want to die They continue to you And you never want to surrender. Taking Take this friend. The Japanese deliberately targeted the wounded. Lose all your medical symbols. They have a prize for giving doctors. Take your porthole. Takes you a new helmet. medium size and fits. That is our goal, that cliff. If we take maybe we get Hokinava Now we get to Japan Okinawa Take a breath, our friends in the Marina will warm them up for us no one can survive that oh but they can These bunkers here are true pyramid? Right Yes sir that's the back but in an assault, it's all different. Soldiers, move! It is blood. Really? Well, is not Kansas Dorothy Follow clambering Come on Make way, take off the road. Ron What? Give it to Desmond Oh Resistan Where the hell are they? I can not see them. We need to get out. They've given ,. Hand on that. We'll get you out of here, come with me. Continue forward. Is that? I do not know, just shoot. Arise, let Quitate! Come on! You're good? I'm fine. Come on, I have a friend, breathe. Breathe, breathe. You're okay, you're okay. Just breathe, breathe. I have you, I have. Hey, give him some morphine and move. Not lived a day. Dr. No please, no, do not leave me. Please do not leave me. My children, my son. Please do not leave me. I will not go anywhere, I'll take you home. Okay? I'll take you home. Here comes a little longer, comes a little more morphine, sergeant, sergeant! Get up, keep moving son, there is nothing wrong with that. Sujet. The following shall be death. I have priority Well done Priority? He'll be dead before I get down. He does not know it. Lower him, okay? Good. Ok Okay friend, let's get you home. I will take it. They do not see us and we do not see. I think they were not expecting. Come on. Give me a hand. Mr. below. Over there the bunkers. I see them, let them. I see them, go ahead Yes, I see them too. Well your men to the front with everything they have. I'll see weapons and try to outflank them. Keep it up and you'll be good as new. Okay? Dawson I have it, I have it. Hey, you okay? I'm fine. Come on, back Yes sir Take it! Now, fire! Vamos and Now go Let smithy you cover. cover Serchill! I go, Clear! Let tuck tuck. Cover! Cover! Bastard! They charge your ass. Come on! With all you have going, come on! With your hand, put your hand! Get rid of here. Go Go! Remove this from your head is fine. What's your name? Edy Edy that? Edy Walker As the sound of that? Cool Cool, these well. Men good job, good job. Enough for tonight, will defend this place. We will take the rest tomorrow. Okay guys Find yourself a nice hole for you Inside or outside the bunker, we will take vigilance every eight hours. We do not know who's out there, keep your head down. Shoot all who do not speak English. If Sgt.

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