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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Talk 99.5 FM

Talk 99.5 FM, Online Talk 99.5 FM Radio internet, Talk 99.5 FM USA Radio Especially it. I do not care if they have to do one or the two no one will alone. Where Dawson hell are you going? There is a wounded sergeant beyond. I'll go with him. Be smart and keep your ears down. Okay, they find their place. Connelly and Henry dead in the first minutes, and nothing else. Peterson, Papay. Stanford and Murphy Page y Hunger Rollingstone In peace the sons bury their fathers, in war fathers bury their children. You can stop saying that crap? Not help them. If you understand that, not here. Hey Games Give me that. Hey, hey we have the wounded Dr. Your name will be a problem'm have, let us. You are here, they have. You should look for a hole? Sounds good to me. Put on your helmet. You are about to commit? I do not eat meat, help yourself. Of course you do not eat meat. That's why they do not care He not find it an option Yes it is. Do not say that. I'd be happier with a man like me anyway until you know if I'm a imbesil Sometimes.? Some? Ok, ok These Japanese are elusive. I'll take the first watch, I'll rest. No. A bad dream. almost scare me I could not do anything the rifles if No bite Yes, he will do it. This decision look to your around. It is not all there. And the same men would be screaming for a weapon. I would not be excited about that. My father is a drunk. I fight against it for many years but went on and on and turned bad. At least you know, mine could be any of Tonga and do not mind said So is your mother who raised you? I met her, but gave me to an orphanage when he was five. I never saw her again. Do not judge quickly. Judging fast people can take to go wrong My father used to hit me and my brother just because he felt sad. I can handle that. But when I did with my mother. And it is enough just. Did you hear me? Forward pull the trigger Detente. But you did not kill him? In my heart I did. And that's where I made my promise to God that I would not touch a gun again. And you would no longer mine because you're crazy. Move, bring in his men here Retire, we stand down. This is Sergeant asking support team six immediate help Under . If I know where we are, but we do not expect much. I ordered an artillery attack. Retírense, retírense. Come on Go Go. Tits Get out of here! Come here you bastard What are you going to do? Keep pressure on it. I do not need it, give it to him, I'll be fine. Go Go. Dawson Withdrawal Okay, I'll see you soon. We have to go now, go, go Muévanse, muévanse. I'm afraid, I'm afraid. You will feel a picket line. No do not do that Come on, let's Smithy stay with me, we gotta go. They help lower it, help lower it We have to help we Can not you friend, is gone. Come on, we have to get out of here. Let's all go around here. What do you want from me? I do not understand. I can not hear you. Help me, help me! Very good. How many? Mr. Holy God. Come on Yes sir Aroon is Desmond, you'll be alright, you have to keep breathing. The sergeant needs to see Mr. I need your Jeep You two stay here and keep watch. But sir Games Stay here and keep watch! Yes sir. Help, help me. Watch out.

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