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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eagle 102.3 Fm Country

Eagle 102.3 Fm Country, Online Eagle 102.3 Fm Country Radio internet, Eagle 102.3 Fm Country USA Radio With your hand is, and continues to press, I will return OK? Here we go. Okay amigotranquilo. We there is strong OK? Okay, you'll be fine friend. If you do not catch is zafarte and down Here we have to trust me Dawson Let's go for the I have you, I have you. You're fine, you're fine Pike, another! Try with others and I could not finish yet no man Tell them to call the artilleria Sit Jack'll give you a drink We lost our deck we have to move, come on. Still they came and quiet have this Dawson no man Games You'll have to trust me come on, friend come on jack do not know if they are alive or dead I can not give it to me back up there without reinforcements I have no men ok I have no troops three battalions were lost today take more than one day bring men I need faster Good Good Morphine is well medical doctor, tranquilo summer you are injured? yes I can not see Hold on, I have you sostente aqui vamos, and and I thought I was blind do not speak we have to get out of here I have you you will be fine ready to irnos- ' Desmons, okay okay Desmond come on you are injured? Llevemosles the hospital right now hey, do a little space not you check with the doctor? He died in shock from blood I am sorry all I saw was this skinny kid, did not know who you were did more than any other in the service of this country I never equivocate hacerca someone in my life I hope one day you can forgive me we must regesar tonight they realized that tomorrow is your sabath many are not like your but believe both how much you believe what you did alla can be a miracle and they want some of the and not rise without you heck hope should be there minutes ago Mr. hope waiting for? Dawson finished pray for us Mr. dawson pray for you who the hell is Corporal Dawson we will work Below all down now down now we're going out of here come on alto Desmond holds are you taking home muevamse muevamnse, DESMOND Desmond when you are convinced of something, that's no joke That's what you are ASHYAsh Markie! Flick two chickens for Mrs. Davidovich, will ya? Turn them around. Yeah. I'll wrap them for you. So what will you do when this one goes off next month? (Max) The Mrs. will help. Like the old days. (Max) I can't keep him here chopping meat like me. I have to go see Gurevich. You can close up early. And bring home some brisket for your mother. I told you, Dad. I'm going out with Davey and Sam tonight. You didn't tell me. I told you! We're going to the pictures. To the pictures. scoffs I know what you boys are doing. I heard from Mrs. Pearlgreen, about that Eddie, going to pool halls. Dad, I'm going to the pictures. I told you. I'm not Eddie Pearlgreen! For Chrissake, I don't even know how to play pool! He took his father's car, drove all the way to Scranton to some special pool hall they have there. He bets, he gambles-- his father says he'll be stealing cars next. What does Eddie Pearlgreen have to do with me? Dad, I'm leaving in less than a month. You think I'm tempted to steal cars? car horn honks Markie? Mom? Everything okay? What's going on? Your father.

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