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Monday, January 9, 2017

MIX 102.9 Fm

MIX 102.9 Fm, Online MIX 102.9 Fm Radio internet, MIX 102.9 Fm USA Radio What happened? He went out. Looking for you. He was worried. He's been talking to Artie Pearlgreen again, it got him all riled up. I think he smoked three packs of cigarettes. Then he went. sigh What's happening to him, Mom? What's the matter with him? He's crazy-- he's driving me crazy, he's driving you crazy. It's your leaving. It's all the boys dying, Bennie and Abe in the last war, now this new war, I don't know. He's worried about you. He's worried about Ohio-- door opens So, there you are. Yeah, strange, here I am, in my own house. I've been everywhere looking for you. Why? Why? Why? Somebody tell me why? (Max) Because if anything were to happen to you-- (Marcus) Oh, come on Games (Max) If anything were to ever happen to you. What is this all about? It's about life, Markie. It's about the tiniest mistake that can have consequences. Christ, you sound like a fortune cookie. Do I? Like a fortune cookie? Not like the concerned father that I am but like a fortune cookie? I can't take this anymore- I can't take this. You know, thank God I'm leaving. Thank God! So I don't end up-- What? End up what? I don't know! I don't know! sigh quiet knock at door Maybe I shouldn't go. No. Come on. You go. You gotta stop worrying. It's scaring Ma. You go. Just-- be careful. (girl) Everything's in the envelope. You're in Jenkins . That's behind the men's quad, back towards the gym. Keys are in there, and check your class schedule, in there too. And, looks like you're doing a campus job. The job board is right over there. Just take a ticket down from the board for the job you want and turn it back in with the form. I'd go now, otherwise all that's left is the dining hall. Hi. Marcus Messner. Hey. Ron Foxman. That's Bert Flusser. Where are you from? Newark. Where's that? New Jersey. Right. Cleveland, Ohio. Flusser's from Chicago. (Ron) He's-- cultured, you'll see. Oh, yeah? Does Flusser talk? Oh, I talk all right. I even talk in my sleep. I have so much to say, so much to share with the world. Young freshman Marcus Messner, from Newark, New Jersey. What a surprise to find yourself in a triple with two other Jews. What a coincidence. Ronald and I are the only two Jews at Winesburg who are not in the Jewish fraternity. After all, we are juniors, we ought to be living in style over at Zeta Tau Mu, not bunking with young freshman Marcus Messner. (men singing on record with Bert)All of us with one heart With the torch of freedom♪ March on! March on!♪ March on and on!♪ Chi Lai! Chi Lai! Chi Lai!Bert. Close the door at least. Ronald doesn't like Negro Communists. Paul Robeson in particular. He doesn't like music at all, in fact. If Dean Caudwell ever heard you playing that commie propaganda, he'd probably toss you right out of here. Dean Caudwell loves me. Dean Caudwell? Dean of men. And a man among deans, if I do say so myself. In fact he's addressing us in minutes. . Chapel. Uh-- chapel? Didn't you read the handbook? Required. Every Wednesday at . You have to go to at least of them a year if you want to graduate. Might as well get started today!

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