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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mix 103 Fm

Mix 103 Fm, Online Mix 103 Fm Radio internet, Mix 103 Fm USA Radio (Dean Caudwell) To you who join us today for the first time, to you who enter your final year, looking out at the prospect of what may seem to be an uncertain and dangerous horizon, menaced as this country may be by enemies both foreign and native, fear not, puzzle not, hesitate not, for the spirit of Winesburg will animate and fortify you. And now, Dr. Donehower will lead us in prayer. (Dr. Donehower) Righteous God, who rules the nations, we pray that you guard all the strong young men and women who enter the gates of Winesburg College in the service ofgreater knowledge and greater strength. To our fellow Winesburgians currently serving the cause of freedom in Korea-- (officer) Order, Arms-- Left Shoulder, Arms-- Order, Arms-- phone rings Yes? (operator) Call from Marcus Messner. Yes, I'll accept the charges. Marcus? Marcus, honey? Yes, Mom. I'm here. (Mom) You sound tired. Are you tired? No, I'm not too tired. I'm just busy. Tell me about your classes. Have you gotten any grades yet? It's only two weeks, Ma. I have an American History paper due tomorrow. Hold on, your father wants to talk-- So Markus, what else, what else is going on? Studying. Studying and working at the library. (Max) And what are you doing to divert yourself? Nothing. I don't need diversions. I don't have the time for them. Is there a girl in the picture yet? (Marcus) Not yet. You be careful. I will be. You know what I mean. Yeah. You don't want to get into any trouble. I won't, Dad. Stop. That Karpen boy, the army sent him home. They found that he has flat feet. Gershowitz gave him a job at the grocery, first thing he's delivering the groceries and crashes the truck-- Max continues speaking loud classical piano music knocking at door You're Marcus Messner, right? I'm Sonny, Sonny Cottler. This is Marty Ziegler. We're wondering if you have a couple of minutes, maybe head over to the Owl for a soda. What's this all about? We're with Zeta Tau Mu. The Jewish fraternity on campus. We'd love to talk to you about rushing. Look. I'm sorry. I don't think I'm going to join a fraternity. Well, you don't have to. Why don't you just come over to the house for dinner some time? You can come tomorrow night. It's roast beef night. You'll have a good meal, meet some of the brothers, and there's no obligation to do anything else. No. I don't believe in fraternities. Believe in them? What is there to believe in? A couple of like-minded guys get together for friendship and camaraderie. We play sports together, we hold parties and dances. We share our meals together, it can get awfully lonely otherwise. You know that out of people on campus, less than are Jewish? That's a pretty small percentage. The only other fraternity that'll have a Jew is the non-sectarian house, and they don't have much going for them in the way of facilities or really anything. I'm a senior, Marcus. And president of the house. I don't want to pressure you but some of the brothers have seen you around, they think you'd make a great addition. They say you seem to be a real scholar. Did you know that since Zeta Tau was formed just ten years ago, we've won the Interfraternity Scholarship Cup five times - more than any other house. Sonny's being modest, Marcus. He's actually the president of the Interfraternity Council this year. Listen, that's great. I appreciate your coming around, but I'm not going to be joining any fraternity. Can I ask why? I, uh-- I have my job, I have my studies. I'm just not in the market for anything more than that right now. Thank you anyways. I hope you're not offended. Not offended at all. I admire your determination. Give me a ring at the house if you think about it some more or if you need anything at all. And if you decide to stay for dinner, all the better. Deal? Sure. Sure. Alright. Games But the Puritans faced a particular challenge as, by the s, the first generation began to die out. So in the Reverend Solomon Stoddard devised the so-called Half-Way Covenant, whereby members of the community could be half-members of the church if they agreed to abide by its rules, even if

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