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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sports Radio 740 AM

Sports Radio 740 AM, Online Sports Radio 740 AM Radio internet, Sports Radio 740 AM USA Radio Games sit next to me again in class. It would really help me concentrate. It's harder when you're behind me, I keep wanting to turn around. Okay. Maybe. Alright. Thank you. I heard you moved rooms. Yeah. I had a disagreement with my roommates. I moved to Neil Hall. You weren't in Chapel yesterday. I just needed a break. I don't know how much more of Dr. Donehower going on about "Christ's example" I can take. Maybe you could get some kind of waiver for conscientious objection. Why is that? Because I'm Jewish? I don't object because I'm Jewish, I object I'm an atheist. I know. Thank you for talking to me. If I talk to you again, maybe you won't have to stand under my window all the time. Oh. clears throat Um-- giggles I, uh-- You know, it's funny, I don't actually know-- which window is yours. I'm on the third floor, on the left, facing the quad, just for the record. I rarely see you looking up. If you're not a Peeping Tom, what's the point? It just makes me feel as if Games like I'm making-- sure you're okay. Oh, Marcus. I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about. You can come in now. Come on in. Marcus Messner. I wanted you to come in so we could meet and find out if I could be of any help to you in adjusting to Winesburg. I see by your transcript that you're a remarkably gifted student. First in your family ever to attend college. Captain of your baseball team at high school. Scholarship from your temple. I wouldn't want anything at Winesburg to interfere in the slightest with such a stellar record of achievement. Neither do I, sir. Do you see any potential difficulties on the horizon here? No, sir. I don't, sir. How are things going with your classwork? You're getting all you hoped for from your courses? clears throat Yes. Yes, sir. You're socializing enough? cough Yes. Yes, I am, sir. sighs and clears throat Thank you, sir. The only problem is that you seem to have some trouble settling into dormitory life. Tell me, in your own words, what seems to be the trouble? I'm sorry. Could you repeat your question, sir? Calm down, son. Try a little more water. And no need to call me sir, by the way. So-- what was the problem with your accommodations? In the room to which I was assigned one of my roommates clears throat would always play the phonograph after I went to bed and I was not able to get a good night's sleep. I need my sleep in order to do my work. The situation was-- insupportable. But couldn't you sit down and work out a time for his playing the phonograph that was agreeable to the two of you? You had to move out? There was no other choice? I had to move out. No way of reaching a compromise. Did you seek the support of your other roommate? There was no compromise with him, sir. And my other roommate was not sympathetic. Are you often unable to reach a compromise with people whom you don't see eye to eye with? I wouldn't say often, sir. I wouldn't say that anything like this has happened before. Really, Marcus, you don't have to do that, calling me sir. Call me Dean Caudwell, or call me Dean, if you like. Winesburg isn't a military academy. I don't mind calling you "sir", Dean. It says here your father is a kosher butcher. No. No, it does not. I remember just writing down just 'butcher.' That's what I'd write down on any form. Well, that's what you did write. I'm merely assuming that he's a kosher butcher. He is. But that is not what I wrote down. I acknowledged that. But it's not inaccurate, is it? to identify him more precisely as a kosher butcher? But neither is what I wrote down inaccurate, sir. I'd be curious to know why you didn't write down 'kosher,' Marcus. Sir, if you are asking me if I was trying to hide the religion into which I was born, the answer is no. Well, I certainly hope that's so. I'm glad to hear that. Everyone has a right to openly practice his own faith, and that holds true at Winesburg just as it does everywhere else in this country. On the other hand, under 'religious preference' I see you didn't write 'Jewish,' though you are of Jewish extraction and, in accordance with the college's attempt to assist students

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