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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Ump 730 AM

The Ump 730 AM, Online The Ump 730 AM Radio internet, The Ump 730 AM USA Radio I spent three months at a clinic drying out. I don't drink anymore. I don't drink anything alcoholic and I won't ever again. This time with you I wasn't drunk. I wasn't drunk and I wasn't crazy. I wanted to do it to you not because I'm a slut but because I wanted to do it to you. Can't you understand that I wanted to give you that? I think so. I'm trying. Really. But you can't. God, what is wrong with you? (Marcus, off) Dear Olivia, You think I've spurned you because of what happened in the car the other night. As I explained, it's because nothing approaching that has ever happened to me before. Just as no girl has ever said to me anything resembling what you said to me in the library tonight. You are different from anyone I've known, and the last thing you could ever be called is a slut. You're mature. You're beautiful. You are vastly more experienced than I am. That's what threw me. Forgive me. Say hello to me in class. You er! Oh, I'm not the slut. May I please speak to Miss Olivia Hutton? Who? Oh, Marcus Messner. Yeah. Yeah sure, I'll wait. Can I leave a message? Well, yeah, another message. (Olivia) Dear Marcus, I can't see you. You'll only run away from me again, this time when you see the scar across the width of my wrist. Had you seen it the night of our date I would have honestly explained it to you. I was prepared to do that. I didn't try to cover it up, but as it happened you failed to notice it. It's a scar from a razor. I tried to kill myself. That's why I went for three months to the clinic. It was the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas. The Menninger Sanitarium and Psychopathic Hospital. There's the full name for you. My father the doctor knows people there. I used the razor when I was drunk. If I had been sober I would have succeeded. So three cheers for ten rye and gingers Games they're why I'm alive today. That, and my incapacity to carry anything out. Even suicide is beyond me. I don't regret doing what we did, but we mustn't do anything more. Forget about me, Marcus. There's no one around here like you. You are not a simple soul and have no business being here. If you survive the squareness of this place, you'll have a sterling future. Why did you come to Winesburg to begin with? I came because it's so square. That's supposed to make me a normal girl. But you? You should be studying philosophy at the Sorbonne and living in a garret in Montparnasse. We both should. Farewell, beauticious man. Olivia. vehicle approaching (Dr. Hutton) Olivia! You forgot your allowance. I will see you at Thanksgiving. Your mother will join us. (Flusser) Ah. What employment have we here? Please, no Shakespeare rehearsal tonight. Hey! By my life, this is my lady's hand. These be her very C's, her U's and her T's thus makes she her. 'To the unknown beloved, this, and my good wishes:' her very phrases! By your leave, wax. Soft! and the impressure her Lucrece, with which she uses to seal: 'tis my lady. To whom should this be? Jove knows I love: But who? Lips, do not move; no man must know. God damn it, Flusser! 'No man must know.' What follows? The numbers altered! 'No man must know:' unless this should be thee, Malvolio? What the hell is wrong with you? Hey, stop getting all worked up. How about a little bit of respect, huh? What? That's from the one that blew you? In my car? How about respecting my car by not driving around with some slut in it. groaning Oh! You're in luck. There's a vacancy in Neil Hall. Mrs. Burgess in Housing can get you the key. It's rather Games rustic. Oh, and you will need to schedule a chat with Dean Caudwell. He likes to be informed of these kinds of changes. Can you come by Monday, say, :? Sure. Volunteers are still needed for Homecoming Weekend. As you know, last year's defeat at the hands of the College of Wooster broke a winning streak that will require, shall we say, all hands on deck. I speak on behalf of Coach Blauvelt when I say the bulldog bite can only be commensurate with the bulldog bark. All of us are responsible Games Olivia. Olivia. Please. Yes, Marcus? If Games if you could just

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