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Sunday, January 15, 2017

WBTG-FM 106.3 Fm Gospel

WBTG-FM 106.3 Fm Gospel, Online WBTG-FM 106.3 Fm Gospel Radio internet, WBTG-FM 106.3 Fm Gospel USA Radio music playing music playing on the car Games It's minutes to curfew. In case you were wondering. Make a left at the next street. Games clicks off (Marcus, off) What happened next I puzzled over for weeks afterwards. Trying to reconstruct the morals that reigned over Winesburg College, and I wonder how my own sorry efforts to overcome those morals may have fostered so much misunderstanding, even grief. Ahhh! heavy breathing sound of zipper Even now I continue to puzzle over Olivia's actions. Hers, and maybe even more so, mine. I told myself, "It's because her parents are divorced." I could think of no other explanation for a mystery so profound. Because in Newark, it was inconceivable that girls like Olivia Hutton could do such a thing, but then again, there were no girls like Olivia Hutton in Newark. Thanks for the loan. How'd she run? Hm? Oh. Oh, yeah, great. Thank you. She should of. Next I'm going to be working on the suspension. It's pretty good, though, huh? Yeah. She blew me. She what? Oh. I didn't even ask her for it. She just did it. Did you ever hear of anything like that ever happening? Nope. Huh. I think it's because her parents are divorced. Did she tell you that? No. I'm just guessing. She just did it. We parked near the cemetery-- Okay. Okay. Well, I'm very happy for you. But if you don't mind, I've got some work to do here. Oh, yeah sure. Sure. Just thank you for the car. It wouldn't have happened without the car. Yeah. You're welcome. She must have done it before, don't you think? Could be. Huh. I really don't know what to make of it. That's clear. You think I should see her again? inhales Up to you. (Max) So we understand you met the Cottler boy. Esther, what's his name? (Mom) Sonny. Donald Cottler, Donald Cottler, but they call him Sonny. His aunt lives here in Newark. When we said where you were, she told us that her maiden name was Cottler, and her brother's family lives in Cleveland, and her nephew goes to the same college and is president of the Jewish Fraternity and captain of the basketball team. And something else. What else? President of the Greeks-- the Greek system council. Right, right, right. President of the council. Imagine that, a Jew, president of the Greeks. Oh, yeah. Sonny. Yeah, right. He came around. So what did he tell you? He made a pitch for his fraternity. (Dad) And? I said I wasn't interested. But his aunt says he's a wonderful boy. All A's like you. And a very handsome boy, I understand. Extremely handsome. A dreamboat. What's that supposed to mean? Dad, please stop sending people to visit me. But you're there all by yourself. Dad, I can't take any more of this. But how do I know what's going on with you? You could be doing anything. I do one thing. I go to classes and I study. And I make bucks a week at the library. And what's wrong with making some friends? Some Jewish friends? I-- clears throat I gotta go. Marcus! I'm hanging up-- Marcus! loud orchestra music (Olivia) Hello, Marc. Oh-- Olivia. Hi. I did that because I liked you so much. Um, um, um, pardon? I said I did that because I liked you. I know you can't figure it out. I know it's why I haven't heard from you and why you ignored me in class. So I'm figuring it out for you. Any other mysteries? No, no, that's okay. No. It's not okay. It's not okay with you. You know, I liked your seriousness, I liked your maturity at dinner or what I took to be maturity. I made a joke about it, but I liked your intensity. I never met anyone so intense before. I liked your looks, Marcus, I still do. It's just that I've um Games Never Games Did you ever do that with somebody else? I did. So no one's ever done it with you. Not even close. So now you think I'm a slut. I-- No. Absolutely not. You're lying. That's why you won't speak to me. Because I'm a slut. But you did do it before-- This was the second time. But that doesn't make you a slut. I was at Mt. Holyoke. I was at a party at Amherst. I was drunk. The whole thing was awful. I didn't know anything. And I was drinking all the time. It's why I transferred. They suspended me.

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