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Monday, January 23, 2017

WAPI 1070 AM

WAPI 1070 AM, Online WAPI 1070 AM Radio internet, WAPI 1070 AM USA Radio of your room a superfluous problem, and neither would your father, I'm sure, if he were apprised of the situation as he has every right to be, by the way. But be that as it may-- have you gone on any dates since you've been to Winesburg? Uh, dates? Dates. Uh. Yes. Yes, I have. A few? Some? Many? One. Just one? Sir! I object to being interrogated like this! I do not see the purpose of it. These are my own private affairs, as is my religious life and my social life and how I conduct it. I have broken no laws, I've caused no one injury or harm, and in no way have my actions impinged on anyone's rights. If anyone's rights have been impinged on they are mine. Sit down please, and explain yourself. I also object to having to attend chapel forty times before I graduate in order to earn a degree. I do not see where the college has the right to force me to listen to a clergyman of whatever faith, even once, or listen to a Christian hymn invoking the Christian deity, given that I am an atheist who is, to be truthful, deeply offended by the practices of organized religion. I am altogether capable of leading a moral existence without crediting beliefs that are impossible to substantiate and beyond credulity. I take it you are familiar, Dean Caudwell, with the writings of Bertrand Russell. Bertrand Russell, the distinguished mathematician and philosopher, was last year's recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The work of literature in which he was awarded the Nobel Prize is his widely read essay entitled "Why I Am Not a Christian." Are you familiar with this essay, sir? Marcus, please sit down-- Sir, I was asking if you are familiar with this very important essay by Bertrand Russell. I take it that the answer is no. Well, I am very familiar with this essay because I set myself the task of memorizing large sections of it when I was captain of my high school debating team. Now, if you were to read this essay, and in the interest of open-mindedness I would urge you to do so, you would see that Bertrand Russell, undoes with logic that is beyond dispute the first-cause argument, the natural-law argument, the argument from design, the moral arguments for a deity, and the argument for the remedying of injustice. Having studied these arguments, I intend to live my life in accordance with them, as I am sure you would have to admit, sir, I have every right to do. Please sit down. I'm sorry. I see here that you are studying to be a lawyer. On the basis of this interview, I think you are destined to be an outstanding lawyer. I can see you one day arguing a case before the Supreme Court, and winning it. I admire your directness, your diction, your sentence structure, even if I don't necessarily choose to admire whom or what you choose to read and the gullibility with which you take at face value rationalist blasphemies spouted by an immoralist of the ilk of Bertrand Russell, four times married, a blatant adulterer, an advocate of free love, a self-confessed socialist dismissed from his university position and imprisoned during the First War by the British for what in plain English I would call treason. What about the Nobel Prize! I even admire you now, Marcus, when you hammer on my desk and point to me so as to ask about the Nobel Prize. You have a fighting spirit. I'm sorry, sir. I didn't know that I pointed. I didn't mean to point. You did, son. Not for the first time and probably not for the last. But that is the least of it. To find that Bertrand Russell is a hero of yours comes as no great surprise. There are always one or two intellectually precocious students on every campus, self-appointed members of an elite intelligentsia who need to elevate themselves and feel superior to their fellow students, superior even to their professors. Nonetheless, that is not what we are here to discuss. What worries me rather is your isolation. What worries me is your outspoken rejection of long-standing Winesburg tradition, as witness your response to Chapel attendance, inhales a simple undergraduate requirement which amounts to, on average, little

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