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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

La Jefa 98.3 FM Mexican

La Jefa 98.3 FM Mexican, Online La Jefa 98.3 FM Mexican Radio internet, La Jefa 98.3 FM Mexican USA Radio more than a few minutes per week of your years here. In all my experience at Winesburg I have never come across a student who objected to that requirement as an infringement on his rights. What worries me is how poorly you are fitting into the Winesburg community. To me it seems something to be attended to promptly, and nipped in the bud. I can't take any more of this. swallows hard Sir, I think I'm going to vomit. Excuse me? I feel ill. I think I'm going to vomit. I cannot bear being lectured like this. I am not a malcontent. I am not a rebel. I have the right to socialize or not socialize with whomever I see fit. Furthermore, your argument against Bertrand Russell is not an argument against his ideas based on reason but an argument against his character, i.e., an ad hominem attack, which is logically worthless. Sir, I respectfully ask your permission to stand up and leave now because I am afraid if I don't I am going to be sick. Of course you may leave. I just ask that you reflect on why leaving appears to be the only way you are dealing with your problems here. I'm genuinely sorry if you think I've been wasting your time. Leaving is not how I cope with my difficulties. I strongly object to you saying that, Dean Caudwell. Well, at least we got over calling me 'sir.' Marcus. Just one last thing. I have the impression from your application that you're a talented baseball player. Would you give a thought about going up for the Winesburg team? I played for that team myself when I was a student here. Dean Caudwell, my high school had the worst team in the league. I don't think I could play at this level. The pitching would be a lot faster than what I'm used to, and I don't think choking up on the bat, the way I did back home, is going to solve my hitting problems at this level of competition. So you're saying you're not going out for baseball because of the competition? No! I am saying that I am realistic about my chances for making the team-- (Dean) Alice! (Marcus, off) I was always a light sleeper, though I never could remember my dreams or even whether I had any dreams. But for that day, and night, and day - what with the anesthesia, I slept a great deal - I remember vaguely thinking I was married to Olivia Hutton. I remember us sharing a bedroom, of me going off to work, an argument we had over dinner, of a long drive through a series of small towns, and then us reaching the ocean, and a cabin by the ocean. It's strange, being dead, as I am now and have been for I don't know how long - if "now' can be said to mean anything any longer - that I remember those dreams as accurately as anything I actually experienced in reality. Good morning. You're in the hospital, son. You had your appendix removed. Just in the nick of time, the doctors say. I had my what? Your appendix out. Your dean, from the college, Mr. Caudwell, was just now here. I sent him home didn't want to wake you. He's called your parents. They know you're fine. Your mother will be here in a few days. And you're to call your father. But first-- I need you to do some business for me. Into this. It's no fun being in the hospital alone. I brought these over to keep you company. It was worth the appendicitis. I doubt it. Were you in a lot of pain? For about an hour or so before I blacked out. The best part came in Dean Caudwell's office. He called me in to grill me about changing my dorm I puked all over his trophies. Then you turn up. It's been a great case of appendicitis all around. Let me get something to put these in. faucet running Where will you be able to see these best? I see them best in your two hands. I see them best with you standing right there. Just stay like that for the next couple of days. What are they giving you to eat? Jell-O and ginger ale. Tomorrow I start on the snails. You seem very chipper. I am. Can I see? My stitches? Okay. Is the wound draining? Is that tube dangling down there a drain? I don't know. I suppose so. Yeah. What about the stitches? Well, we're in a hospital. What better place to be in when they come undone? You are odd, you know. Odder than I think you realize. I'm always odd after I have my appendix taken out. Do you always get as big as this after you have your appendix out? groans Never fails. Of course we shouldn't. We could both get thrown out of school for this. Then stop. loud groan There. "I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth I knew not where." door opens Excuse me. door slams Oh, my God. What is she going to do now? Nothing. What do you mean "nothing"? How can you be so poised about all this? One call to the dean, and we're out. How do you know she's going to do nothing? She's too embarrassed to. I don't understand how you can be so-- So what? Under control. So expert. faucet running Oh, yes, Olivia the expert. That's what they called me at the Menninger Clinic. But you are. You really think so, do you? I, who have eight thousand moods a minute, whose every emotion is a tornado, who can be thrown by a word, by a syllable, am 'under control'? You are blind. Do you hate me? No. I don't hate you. I think maybe you hate me.

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