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Friday, March 17, 2017

89.9 Fm KUAC

89.9 Fm KUAC , Online 89.9 Fm KUAC Radio internet, 89.9 Fm KUAC USA Radio Add to your site. What did he say? Absolutely nothing. Then why bother me? But that's what he said. Did you want me? Yes. Our friend Marx thinks that it's that fellow there. What's your opinion? I wouldn't have said so. Oh, have you a better suggestion? Yes. Yes, I would have said he was more likely. That man by the statue. You can't be serious. Why him? Intuition. That amiable fool? I just wasted minutes talking to him. Well, that's what I think. Intuition. Oh, hello George. Hello Horace. I say George, can I leave now? My dear fellow, of course. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Oddly enough I did. Quite a pleasure to be on British territory again. Technically. Oh, General. Excuse me, I have friends. Of course you have, but do you know The Walrus and the Carpenter? Evidently not. In America they'd regard German propaganda stories as jokes. They are mistaken. In Germany we never joke. Oh here's that terrible fellow who's been haunting me all evening. He's followed me about like a shadow. Excuse me. Well, what do you want now? I want to arrest that man. Who? The man they call Bussy, the Earl of Meadowbrook. Here? In the British Embassy? Don't be a fool. All the same I want. What are you doing with those? Absolutely nothing. Lovely trees. A midsummer night's dream. Oh, I beg your pardon. It's quite alright. Now I know a balcony where there isn't so much traffic. I find it quite pleasant here. I've been looking for you all over the place. Professor's just leaving. He would. Well oughtn't we to be going too? Scram, will you? My instructions are that I am not to let you out of my sight. Have a heart, please. Stick around someplace. Alright, I'll wait for you on the staircase. Another party? Oh, just getting together with the rest of the gang at a beer cellar. Of course there wouldn't be any balconies at a beer cellar. Well, no. That is, it'd be swell of you to come, but it's just a dump, I don't think you'd like it. I bet it couldn't be any worse than Smokey Joe's on th Avenue. Say, do you know Smokey Joe's? Yes. Don't let it go any further. Come on, this has gotta be another party. Can I take your hat, sir? Thank you. Well well well well, still at liberty and they say the age of miracles is past. Well, you've put on weight, Dvorak. What's the news? Democratic league's in trouble. What, again? And they've arrested their Polish editor Koslowski. Oh, those hotheads. Ah, Koslowski's a great man. Yes, I know, but I'm not interested in politics. I know, but you should be. Good evening, gentlemen. Good evening, sir. What was the party like, sir? It was very instructive, Mr. Spencer. What'll you have? I think I'll have a pilsner. Yes sir. Who was that? New waiter? Yes he used to be in the telephone service. Really? He was dismissed, little trouble with an SS man. Oh yes. Excuse me. All ready for tonight, sir. Shh, not so loud, might be a microphone hidden under the table. You don't mean? No, Mr. Elstead, I don't mean. We are perfectly safe here. Look what's just come in. And I wasn't allowed to bring my sister. Who's the girl? I'm sorry professor, I did my best, but-- But someone else did better.

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