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Sunday, March 19, 2017

88.7 Fm 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV

88.7 Fm 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV, Online 88.7 Fm 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV Radio internet, 88.7 Fm 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV USA Radio Add to your site. I understand. Hi, allow me to present Professor Smith. Prof, this is Ludmilla. A poem from little old New York. How do you do? I'd no idea you were so interested in modern poetry, Mr. Maxwell. Won't you sit down? Yes, I'd like to-- No, thank you very much Prof. See you presently. Well gentlemen, I regret you were unnecessarily called to this rendezvous. Nothing doing tonight, sir? On account of Mr. Maxwell's regrettable preoccupation with American poetry, there will be nothing doing tonight. But we meet at the excavations tomorrow. You can have my beer. Goodnight. Goodnight Prof. After route over the Alps, where did you go then? No no, I'm very interested. Well, I'll tell you, see-- Forgive me for interrupting, but haven't I seen you somewhere before? Sure, tonight at the Embassy. Of course, how silly of me. Well Prof if you'll excuse us we're gonna dance. We've done quite enough dancing for one night. Oh you should've seen her. Why she's as light on her feet as a butterfly on a daffodil. Not a very happy simile. When daffodils are in season, butterflies are mere grubs. Oh, Prof, that's hardly complimentary. But scientifically accurate. As I rather expected the professor would be. Thank you. Could you be an angel and get my handbag? I must have left it in the car. Well I-- Please? Okay. Well. We seem to be alone. So we do. Your friend's been telling me all sorts of flattering things about you. Has he? I hope you didn't believe them. Well, I prefer to judge for myself. Oh, then I must be on my best behavior. I should hate you to leave here with the wrong impression. I should hate to leave with the wrong impression. Naturally, naturally. Who's the girl? I don't know who she is, he wouldn't come away without her. But you were with her all evening? But I don't know who she is. I looked everywhere, it isn't there. What isn't there? Her handbag. But it's here. It's been there all the time. Goodnight. Goodnight. What a very strange man. A swell guy. But vague. I wouldn't have said vague. What, going already Professor? Dvorak, you see my impulsive young American friend over there? I see him. You see the mysterious young woman with him? I see her. Be a good fellow and investigate. What do you think? I don't think anything but I'd like to know. Goodnight. Goodnight, Professor. Thank you, sir. I think you've made a mistake, this is my room. Aren't you being rather unwise? I want to talk to you. I dare say you do but this is neither the time nor the place. Don't worry, no one saw me come into the room. Then let's hope no one sees you go out. Goodnight. No. You've got to listen to me. I am rather desperate and I do need your help. You may not believe a word I say, but before I leave this room you will believe. Now my dear young lady, I do wish you-- No no please don't say anything until you've heard me. Do you know of a Polish paper called Freedom? I am familiar with it, yes. Have you heard of its editor, Sidimir Koslowski? Yes. Some weeks ago he came to Berlin for material. He was arrested. Yes, he would be. They put him in a concentration camp.

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