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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

91.5 Fm KSUA

91.5 Fm KSUA, Online 91.5 Fm KSUA Radio internet, 91.5 Fm KSUA USA Radio Add to your site. They would. He happens to be my father. Hmm. I received a cable in New York which I believed was from him, begging me to come at once. It wasn't from him, it was from the gestapo. They had been trying to force him to give the names of his journal associates, but he wouldn't speak. Nothing they could do would make him speak. So they hit on the idea of getting me over to persuade him. And did you? You don't know my father. He's fearless, unshakable. No two people were ever closer than he and I. He filled my life with love and tenderness. He's wonderful. That's why I don't care what I do to earn his freedom. There's nothing, nobody I wouldn't sacrifice for that. I think he's worth it. He must be. He is. So I made a bargain with Graum. He promised to let my father go if I helped him find the man who has been responsible for all these escapes. And have you? Yes. But I don't want to be forced to give him away. Why not? Because I admire what he's doing. Why are you telling me all this? You are that man. What dreadful nonsense you do talk. I guessed it the moment I saw you, and the admiration of that boy David convinced me. You and your party were near the frontier post when Karl Planker escaped. Your diggings were only a few miles from the concentration camp where a scarecrow came to life. You are that man, I know it. Aren't you? Tell me. Well won't that be enough for tonight? Tell me. I know you're quite harmless but please, please go. Before I go, you've got to choose. Either you help my father to escape or I go straight to the gestapo and tell them what I know. Very well, go there quickly. I hope they'll prove less skeptical than I. What on earth are you crying for? What have I done? You brought this all on yourself. I didn't ask you to come here. I am horrified at the idea of a strange woman in my rooms, and a woman in tears at that. Or are they tears? Yes, they are. Well they don't have any effect on me, believe me. Here, mop 'em up with that, you look awful. And don't you try any more fairy tales with me. Here, you've forgotten your-- Have you noticed a delightful smell everywhere this morning? You mean the egg? Everything smells delightful to me, but of course you wouldn't understand that, Mr. Maxwell. You're sure you feel alright, Prof? I feel splendid, thank you. Now Dvorak, tell me, why are you here so early in the morning? You asked me to get you some information about a certain young lady. So I did. Well I've got it. In the first place her name isn't Coles at all, it's Koslowski. In the second place, she's-- Don't tell me any more. Now I feel even better. What is all this? Trailing a girl with whom I've a luncheon date. Have you? Sure. Good. That'll save me a telephone call. Prof, I don't get it. Exactly. You made the same mistake I did. The trouble with us, Mr. Maxwell, is that we don't understand women. We've even forgotten they use powder on their faces. Monsieur. Can I help you? Are you French? Yes. You're not German? No, I'm still French. This is a French shop, you see. A French oasis in a German desert. What can I do for you, monsieur? Oh yes, yes. Powder. Powder? Powder, yes, I'd like some powder. Certainly, but what kind of powder. Bath, tooth, talcum? Face? Face, face. Any special make? I beg your pardon? Which make would you prefer? Well I, what would you suggest? I always use Dory. Do you? Always. I'll have some of that. You won't regret it. What shade? Well what shades have you got? - I'm afraid all that's rather beyond me. I'll be back tomorrow. Monsieur. What is she like? Well, I really don't quite remember, she's sort of-- What's her coloring? Dark. I know what you want. You take this. I'll have a pound of that. A pound? That will last a lifetime. This is the biggest box I've got. Alright, I'll have two of those. Two? Very well. Don't bother to wrap it up, I'll just take it the way it is. Thank you. How much is that? That will be marks, monsieur. marks. Thank you. Will you allow me? Born in France? Born in France. It's remarkable. Goodbye. Goodbye. Hello Prof, been to a wedding? Good morning Mr. Maxwell. Good morning.

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