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Thursday, March 23, 2017

91.9 Fm Air1 Radio

91.9 Fm Air1 Radio , Online 91.9 Fm Air1 Radio Radio internet, 91.9 Fm Air1 Radio USA Radio Add to your site. I hope you'll forgive me for having invited myself to luncheon. Certainly fine that you are here. Yours, I believe. What's this? Your handbag. Thank you. Yes I would have run after you last night but unfortunately everything fell and scattered all over the place. I reached home before I realized I had left it behind. Say, when did all this happen? As a matter of fact your powder was spilt too and I bought you some to make up for it. Needn't have bothered. Oh it was no bother at all, there. Oh, my favorite shade. How did you know? Intuition. What's going on? First you're darn rude to each other and now look at this. Well now to business, where's the menu? By the way, whose luncheon is this? Mine. No it's not, it's mine. So's the bill. Mr. Maxwell, if you heard that a very remarkable man had been imprisoned by the Nazis, what would you do? My damndest to get him out. Isn't that amazing? Every now and then he and I have exactly the same idea. Could I have some water please? Certainly not. Dvorak! Some champagne. What kind of champagne? Oh, dash it, I've had this conversation before. Any kind. Raschel. Natural. The best you have, only hurry. I don't know what to say to you. Can't quite believe it's true. Suppose we have some nice cold trout to start with. And we'll follow that with-- I don't even know where they've taken him. No one knows except the gestapo. He's at Grosberg. What's this? Milk-fed lamb cooked in creme de menthe? The things they think of. She's being watched every minute. There's the report. Went up to his room. Enterprising. In my opinion she's wasting her time. Yes, the question is is she wasting ours? This idiotic archaeologist. Lunch lasted two hours, conversation appeared friendly and animated, he presented her with a box of powder. How gallant. How helpful love is. I don't know what the gestapo would do without it. This is all nonsense. Alright, show her in. Ah, good day Miss Coles. Sit down. You're looking very radiant, it must be love. I'm afraid not, even though I did go to his room last night. Room, whose room? The professor's. Didn't you know? As a new recruit I made sure I would be followed. Quite so. But we like to get our news at first hand. Very well, here it is at first hand. You were right and I was wrong. That professor's crazy, and so was I to think that he's your famous rescuer. So much for your intuition, eh? I made a mistake, and I'm afraid I made rather a fool of myself. Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, even by Mussolini. And secret agents aren't made in a night. You did your best. And our bargain still stands? Oh but of course. I've given you my word as a party member, isn't that enough? More than enough. You shall have another assignment. There are several persons I suspect. You are very kind. Be kinder still and tell me something. How is my father? Well I'll find out for you. Let me see, he's at-- At Grosberg. Of course. Bring in the Koslowski file. Would you like to see your father? More than anything. You don't mean it, that wasn't in our bargain. I wanted to give you a little encouragement. I'd be so grateful if you would. Thank you. Hmm. He appears to be in excellent health. Is he? Oh, a transfer order. He's being moved to a more comfortable camp. Will I be able to see him there? Well I don't see why not. Excuse me. Hello? Alright. I'll be over straight away. Excuse me, I'll be back in a moment. Well my dear young lady, I'm very busy at the moment but I'll be sending for you again shortly, and I hope you and your father will be together again very soon. Goodbye. Thank you, goodbye. Marx! I didn't believe her Marx, I didn't believe her, but I do now. That idiotic archaeologist. Sir? But we've got to have proof. But we've absolutely nothing against him. You'll see my dear fellow, you'll see. Now if you'd said the Earl of Meadowbrook-- On Saturday morning I've got a job for you at Grosberg. And in the afternoon I shall be there myself. To be in at the kill as the English say. Have a chocolate. I found out something. Something which might be of use to you, look I made a note of it.

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