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Saturday, March 25, 2017

92.7 Fm KQHE

92.7 Fm KQHE, Online 92.7 Fm KQHE Radio internet, 92.7 Fm KQHE USA Radio Add to your site. My father's being transferred from Grosberg to Riesenfelt on Saturday afternoon with four other men. Who are they? Schulman, Fleck. Gruber and Holstein, that makes five altogether. Yes, how did you know? Nevermind, go on. They're leaving Grosberg by car at : and arriving at Risenfelt at about . Now we're getting someplace. Wouldn't that be our chance, Prof? Saturday afternoon? Possibly, yes. Say, this is terrific. Where are those maps? Do you mind if I try to work this out, Prof? Not at all. Thanks. Now here's Riesenfelt and here's Grosberg. That's about miles, say miles per hour starting :. Now we're parked on this road here somewhere. Look, there's a road at the bottom of the hill there. Yeah, they'll be going through that wood about :. Yes, we can get a tree across the road there, that ought to hold them up for long enough. Yeah, then we can scoot down this side road here and catch the main road to Berlin here! How's that, Prof? Sounds alright. Why surprise is the principal element, surprise. If only you could do something. Don't worry, we will. Well, if I can't be of any more use to you, I'll leave you, my taxi's ticking away. Goodbye. Thank you for coming, you've done very well. Goodbye. I'll show you the way. Say, where's she going? It's too late, you missed your chance. Say how's that for the plan, Prof? What plan? The plan of the escape. Gentlemen, Mr. Maxwell was serious about this plan! But we'll never get another chance like this. Possibly that's exactly what the gestapo wanted you to think. Those guys gotta be saved. Something's gotta be done Saturday. On the contrary, if we do anything it'll be on Friday. Friday? But you said Saturday was the day-- Look Prof what I found. Is it any use? Any use? This is remarkable. Say listen Prof, my plan! BC, I should think. Never dreamt at anything like this here. Wait til Oxford University hear about this, they'll be green with envy. My plan, Prof! Oh, this is astonishing, really astonishing. Thank you Mr. Elstead, thank you. hours and he hasn't uttered a word. Do you think he's thought of anything? Let's ask him. Say Prof, I hate to interrupt the seance, but have you thought of anything yet? Thought of anything? That guy Koslowski's gotta be rescued! Oh yes, of course. That guy Koslowski's gotta be rescued on Friday, and four other guys with him. What, all five of them? Well of course. Jeepers creepers. As a matter of fact I have thought of something. Yeah? Yes. Have any of you gentlemen ever considered journalism as a profession? Hey, listen-- No no no no, you listen. I'm getting them now. Alright, here they are. I've tapped the private line. Go to it, fellow. Propaganda Ministry? Gestapo headquarters speaking. Department X. About those six American journalists. We are permitting their visit to Grosberg. The journalists who wish to accompany Herr Voldenschatz. Your representative of the Bund. What do you mean you don't know? Then find out. Hey, take it easy there. Heil Hitler. You wish to see? I've seen. Heil Hitler. No visitors except by appointment. How long have you been here? You don't know me? Ever heard of the American department? Yes sir, I thought-- Don't apologize, see if you can find my umbrella, I left it behind the other day. Voldenschatz is the name. Excuse me. Well, just the man I wanted to see. You don't recognize me, but I remember you. I heard Dr. Goebbels say some very nice things about you. So? So keep it to yourself. How's the baby? We're getting married at the end of the month. So. Now, how 'bout the six American journalists? What about them? I'm asking you. You don't know anything about it, get me someone who does. Perhaps Herr Gravitz would know. Gravitz should know. Now look here Herr Gravitz. Do you know anything of six American journalists? No. Yes, Smeltz was just asking me. There was a message from the gestapo. Who's the head of the department? Oh, Herr Steinhof, but he wouldn't know. We'll see. Here! Now look here, Stelnhof, where are the permits for the six American journalists? Permits? Yes. Don't you say heil Hitler anymore? Heil Hitler.

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