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Monday, March 27, 2017


KFAR 660 AM, Online KFAR 660 AM Radio internet, KFAR 660 AM USA Radio Add to your site. Heil Hitler. I don't think I know you. What do you know? Have you ever heard of America? Yes. Good, then where are the permits? But I-- Now listen. I'm Voldenschatz. The man who got the Nazi party those nice headlines in America where they don't like you. I'm the man who put the Nazi American bund on the map, and you've never even heard of me. Let this be a lesson to you, gentlemen. But-- No no no, let me speak. I've come all the way from New York to correct your blunders with the American correspondents. I spent two whole weeks with them, trying to nurse them into a better humor. This afternoon I was taking them to the Grosberg camp so they could cable the United States and tell them not to believe those stories they hear about the German concentration camps, and you've got to spoil everything. I asked for permits and you haven't got any permits. No one told me anything about this. The gestapo did telephone. Oh, so now you're deliberately obstructing the gestapo? That'd be the last thing I'd do. Perhaps if you came back tomorrow-- Tomorrow? Do you want me to keep the representatives of six of the biggest newspapers in America waiting outside this building until tomorrow? Unless I get those permits in two minutes, you'll be responsible. I'll be responsible? Right! I know what I'll do. Get me Dr. Goebbels. No, no, Herr Voldenschift, shaft. I'll find the permits. Well find them, find them. There are some here, sir. That's better, now you can fill them up as we go. As we go? Certainly, didn't I say? You're coming with us. No no, I have work to do here. Oh, this is too much, please, get me Dr. Goebbels. No no no, I can finish the work at home. That's right, we've been waiting long enough, come along. Come along. You know, the trouble with you propaganda boys, you get so used to telling lies, you don't recognize the truth when you hear it. Well orders are orders. Hmm. Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler. You know Gravitz, you're a smart boy. Thank you, sir. Yes, you can do something for me. Ring up the Grosberg camp and tell them we're on the way. Have them prepare everything in the usual Ministry of Propaganda style. And remember, America is a soft-hearted democracy. You get me? Leave that to me, Herr Voldenschatz. Your umbrella, sir. Oh, umbrella. Thank you. Dirty boots. The journalists are just arriving, Herr Kommandant. Heil Hitler. Heil Hitler. I'm Steinhof of the Ministry of Propaganda. This is Herr Voldenschatz from Nazi American bund. I am honored. Heil Hitler. Allow me to present to you the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, New York Herald Tribune, Boston Transcript, Philadelphia Public Ledger, and the Scripps Howard Syndicate. newspapers throughout America, colossal. . I beg your pardon, I love accuracy. Welcome, gentlemen. Let me show you around our little camp. You will see how happy everybody is. Come on, do your propaganda stuff. You can talk, can't you? You see gentlemen, there is plenty of food. Eggs, vegetables, bread, butter, jam, and fruit. Real fruit. Atten Hut! Is everybody happy? Yes sir. Everybody's happy. The eggs were fresh for breakfast? Yes, Herr Kommandant. The eggs were fresh. For breakfast. Good. In this hut, we have some men who were enough to insult our beloved Fuhrer. The editor of an anarchist Polish paper, and four misguided German contributors. Hut! Well, I'm glad you've all learnt the truth. In America they have the idiotic idea that German concentration camps are full of unhappy people. And the truth is the American people only pretend to be democratic. At heart they are % national socialists. I thank you. Heil Hitler. Well, goodbye Voldenschatz. You were the quintessence of all the most objectionable men I ever met, but you served a noble purpose. I don't often lose my nerve, but can't we get on? Alright, he's just coming. He's just been to telephone to make sure it's clear for you to go to your destination. Ah. All fixed. Halt, left turn! All ready for visiting rounds, sir? I'm ready, carry on Sergeant. Left turn, march! Visiting rounds. Get up. What are they doing down there? Stir them up, Sergeant.

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