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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

106.5 FM KWHL

106.5 FM KWHL, Online 106.5 FM KWHL Radio internet, 106.5 FM KWHL USA Radio Add to your site. If this goes wrong, I'm not dragging you down with me. Stay put and cover me. chatter speaking Chinese Bennie Okay, I'm going in. man and woman speaking Chinese How are we doing on the orders? Almost filled. Still some waiting on the next shipment. dog growling He's almost here. Keep packing. Be sure everything goes to plan. growling continues Hey. whines conversation continues Man Be gentle. Mind the package. Oooh! Go take a look. See what's going on. man Who are you? Take that! We gotta go. grunting blade clatters girl gasps grunting yells screams Esmond, get Leslie! I'm on it. screams Stop them! Go, go, go! man shouts gasps shouts, grunting grunting Female anchor: Hong Kong reporter is live on the scene. Details are scarce at the moment, but it's believed a police drug raid gone wrong is responsible for the collapse of nearly a dozen homes. Captain T ang, I did it on my own. Victor Wong is a respectable businessman. In nine years, have you found a shred of hard evidence that Victor Wong is the Matador? There is no Matador. One man does not run the Hong Kong underworld, and even if he did, that man is not Victor Wong. You want justice for your partner. I understand that. But your obsession with this case has taken a toll on you personally. Take a month off. You should start thinking about retirement, Bennie. Sir. The Vory code in Russia says, "You mess with someone's family, there are grave consequences." Man Jesus Christ, Dima, you got the wrong guy. No! Connor chuckles Well, I guess you're wondering how I got here, right? Allow me to explain. Whoa! He was just a local boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and she was engaged to a war hero. But love won out. Even after she got sick, they never regretted a thing. sniffling imitating an airplane engine Would you shut up with that thing? A boy shouldn't be playing with dolls. Yes, Dad. Anyway, my dad would go to the hospital and read to my mom from her own journal and she would remember little moments of their life. They died in each others arms. man laughing Are you serious? He's literally reciting the plot to "The Notebook." all Shhh. all Shut up. I know it's corny. I just always believed in the power of love a little more than the regular guy. scoffs Jeez. man Even now with the houses, and the Porsche, and the... chuckles other Porsche, I was just always holding out for a true love like that. I'm sorry. To answer your first question I'll have the chicken. Thanks. woman on P.A. speaking Chinese Oh. Sorry. Watch where you're going, asshole. I'm sorry. Purpose of your visit. English accent Here to see the sights, but then again, what's there to see when the loveliest sight is right here? Welcome to Macau, Mr. Cunningham. man in white coat Excuse me, I thought you were supposed to have a car here for me, right? No, no, I'm standing right here. Right now I don't see a car anywhere. I'm in front of the terminal. Connor Hey, kid, I think this belongs to you. That's my toy. Thank you. All right. Take your bag, sir? Thanks. lively song, man singing I wanna get into my car and drive The night is young and I'm feeling alive Well, you can tell by the way I prance I'm on the prowl and I'm looking my best I'm gonna climb the walls Gonna have it all I'm a livin' and a lovin' fireball Connor Look what he got tonight! Longer than I walk the walk Well, this world is my oyster shell 'Cause I'm raisin' my share of hell I'm just havin' a ball Much obliged, everybody. Oh, man, ain't that the breaks, I... sultry music man singing The first time I felt this way Was the first time I saw your face You were standing alone And your arrows were thrown to my heart That was quite a display. It's not everyday you meet an American that plays baccarat. It's not everyday I meet someone who leaves me speechless. Samantha. I run Guest Services for the casino. The hotel would like to offer you a suite for the evening, if you are interested. A suite? Well, that's a little cozier than what I'm used to, but... chuckles Ah, you know, just let me cash in my chips and I'll be all yours. Sure. Okay.

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