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Friday, March 31, 2017


590 AM KHAR, Online 590 AM KHAR Radio internet, 590 AM KHAR USA Radio Add to your site. Hey, hey, hey, calm down a little. Ah! Don't you know there's an ancient Chinese proverb that says "Out of every crisis comes opportunity"? laughing Announcer: The will be arriving on track eight. Please show your ticket before boarding. Thank you. Hey! Do you want some pizza? I'm ordering from the U.S. Embassy. Open up. I'm sorry, I can't hear you through this glass. Can you hear me now? Connor Dude, you are stressed. Let's take a beat. Get you a massage. Maybe grab a margarita. You're wound up tighter than a... Ow! What was that for? Stress relief. You know, I'm actually feeling a little... Hey, hey! Excuse me. Please, my friend, low blood sugar. Willie It looks like Connor Watts has left the country and Bennie Chan is on his trail. Bennie Chan? Eliminate them before they get back to Macau. Do not rest until that phone is safely in your hands. Understood. Our men are tracking him down as we speak. If you have to use Samantha, do it. You gotta teach me that two finger trick. Where did you learn that? Pro-wrestling? Only teach men of honor. Here. Eat. I'm a grown man, I don't need you to feed me. A grown man pays his debts. Keep your energy up. You know, I'm on kind of a cleanse. Eat it. Eat it! Mm. Nice and crunchy. What is it? Goat testicle. It's delicious. Bennie, you gotta try these. Mm-mm. I bet you can't eat just two. It's a righty. How about those guys who want to find me? It's not something I stole in Macau, Bennie. It's something I saw. What did you see? Attendant: Tickets and passports, please. Let's go. whistles Jump! No, you jump! I'm not asking twice. Jump! I thought you weren't asking twice. Fine. I jump, you fall! Connor Unbelievable. My suit's filthy. Bennie Uh, shut up. Connor Whatever. Look, why don't we do each other a favor, cut our losses and go our separate ways? This means nothing to you? He's gonna kill my Goddaughter. My family. I'll take you back to casino. I'm sorry. So you're working for them. I'm police. Honorable. There's something else you should know, your Honor. They don't want me because I stole something from them. They want me because I saw them shoot somebody. A woman died in my arms. Ester shouting in Chinese Wong speaking Chinese Wong Ester Yee! Help me. gunshot And you're telling me that if I don't go back with you then she dies. And I'm telling you if I go back with you, I'm going to die. They're gonna kill me. I don't care. I'm not loving the attitude, Bennie. creaks grunting You're tough, just like your father. What do you know about my father? taser clicking groaning groans Willie Nothing? Leslie Nothing. I know this may not be what you want to hear, but there's no evidence of a murder at a Macau casino. If there was we'd know about it. I think he's lying to you, Bennie. sigh I know. speaking in native language Connor What the hell's he saying? I don't know. You must be kidding. This the one? continues speaking in native language . laughing speaks in native language . Hmm? Okay. speaking in native language Visa or MasterCard? boy speaking in native language beeps I don't know why it's not working. speaking in native language shouts Money. We use one of yours. Where's your wallet? I don't have it. Why not? Forgive me for not being able to grab my wallet before being kidnapped. How about that nice watch of yours? Not my watch. No. Well, how bad do you want to get me in Macau, Bennie? Money, money, money, okay? rap music playing motor chugging bleating Connor You know, I think I got you figured out. Something tells me you're either unhappily married or there's no one waiting for you at home. You don't have me figured out. No, I'm not married. Shocking. Women do not go for that whole constipated Debbie Downer look. Lighten up. Smile a little, huh? Look, unzip my left pocket. There's something important in there. I promise. What's that? Right before the woman died she handed me that phone. It's okay, it's okay. Oh, no. It's okay. Shh, shh, shh. Oh, I'm dying. Here. Take this. Take this phone... You big dumb American stranger. Here, take it. Uh. Yeah, pretty much. There's something on there, Bennie.

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