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Sunday, April 2, 2017

700 AM Smart Radio

700 AM Smart Radio, Online 700 AM Smart Radio Radio internet, 700 AM Smart Radio USA Radio Add to your site. I'm leaving you this phone because I think it might be of use. All you have to do is figure out a way to charge it. Thanks for the honor lessons, buddy. Connor." Hey, young boy. Did you see the American guy? Just last night. Buy my horse. He bought your horse? Cash? Connor Damn dumbest horse in all of Mongolia. Come on. Vámonos. Vámonos. Come on! Bennie Hey, hey! Boy: Juh! Hey, Bennie, went to make a coffee run. I was gonna surprise you with a mocha Frappuccino. Bennie, Bennie, no, no. I bruise, I bruise, please. I bruise, I bruise, please. Please. You... vomits I want my refund. You sold me a lemon, you little . grunts You know, this kind of big horse only runs for a hundred miles. Small horse, run forever, . I'll remember that the next time I'm in Mongolia. You had the money all the time? Just a little. For emergencies. You never stop lying. How your parents raise you? You don't know a thing about my parents. Everything you say is just horse apples. You see what I mean? Connor Next time I talk to my bookie, "Hey, Sal, Sorry about that two grand, let me pay you with a wallet full of honor." horse whickers horns honking Don't say a word. Bennie, Bennie, that's the guy! No, hey, be quiet. That's the guy who shot the girl in the casino. soldier speaking Chinese Victor Wong? Are you sure that's who you saw? He shot her at point blank range. That's not something you forget. I take you to Hong Kong. I spend my career trying to prove Mr. Wong is the Matador. Now you can. I'm taking you to testify against Wong. What? Victor Wong will see to it that I don't even get to trial. Your proof is on the phone. I'm not going. Hell, no. Okay. Just be quiet. All right. I'll play it cool. Help! He kidnapped me and he said he's going to use my pretty face to make a million dollars. Sorry! He had brain damage. I'm a loud, handsome, arrogant American and you have a lovely country and I will only ruin it, I promise. El diablo blanco. He drink too much baijiu. guard speaks Chinese Call Hong Kong police. Call the U.S. Embassy. Stop. One at a time. He kidnapped me. I'm working a big case. Were you not listening? One at a time. Shut up! Both of you. He started it. He started it. Connor Watts, you're under arrest for the murder of Ester Yee. Who's Ester Yee? And Officer Chan, you are being charged with accessory to murder. This is a setup. Well, you two are going back to Hong Kong. Awesome. Connor May be for the best, Bennie. Life in prison's better than getting killed by psychopaths. And jail might not be so bad. We can both get jacked, get some tattoos, maybe meet Morgan Freeman. The phone. We have to get it back. Do you see the situation we're in, Bennie? Impossible. Do you know there's a Chinese saying, "In every crisis there's opportunity." I found that more convincing when I was saying it. bleating Ow! truck horn honking arguing in native language Who is she? She's the Siberian terminator. Dasha, what a coincidence. Of all the trucks to hijack. Where is the other one? I thought he's with you. Get out. My leg's asleep. You know it always does this on long trips. Ow. I said get out. Bennie shouts I'm sorry. Bennie! You missed. groans Wow, you look great! Those headbutts to the face really treated you well. No, no, no, not the face. Thanks. I know this looks bad. There. gasps Hey, hey, hey. I told you I don't fight women. I know, that's why I brought the gun. Okay, okay. Just one fight. Come. ignition starts Connor shrieks Good-bye, Chinese man. Now you are a killer. I didn't mean to. My leg hit the gear shift. sighs It was an accident. You know, you are so unappreciative. She was about to kill you. That's no excuse. This... this is the reason I prefer public transportation. We only have one Earth, Bennie. Holy . Russians! Connor Whoa! How about a little head's up next time? Let's go! Open it. Huh? Merry Christmas, compadre. All you gotta do is charge that thing and you're in business. You know, Bennie, I like you and I'm happy you're finally getting what you want. But sadly, I'm not gonna be around to see it happen. Your turn. You must be tired.

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