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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

1020 AM KVNT

1020 AM KVNT, Online 1020 AM KVNT Radio internet, 1020 AM KVNT USA Radio Add to your site. I've always wanted to have one, but it's impossible in Hong Kong. Move out here to the country and have a whole pack of them. Hell, start an alpaca festival. Or do they already have one of those here? Listen, I think you did a really great job of looking after Samantha. Hey. Settle down, I'm being sincere. Look at me. When you see her, remember my face. No, I just mean even though you're a hard ass and short tempered and stubborn, mean... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the compliments. Even though you're all those things, she turned out great. Without you, hell. Can I ask you a serious question, Bennie? How do you do the two fingered thing? Pressure. Pressure here, okay? You know, pressure. Pressure. Aw. Connor What? Bennie You need to practice. Just not like aim it! Boom. Hey! You'll never learn. thunder rumbling Connor Uh! God! ! Whoa-ho, whoa, whoa! Bennie Need to keep body warm. Keep heat in. shivering We don't have any blankets or fire. We're fu... We have each other. Take the clothes off. Oh, God. Somehow I knew it was going to come to this. Connor continues shivering How come you get to be the big spoon? Shut up, Connor. upbeat music, man singing You can't fight it No, you can't fight it You can't fight it No, you can't fight it. Connor Whoa! Just... whoa! Bennie Whoa! Connor What are you doing? What? both shriek Woman Eugene, one of them's come alive! Man Do you know where the gift shop is? It's not what you think. Bennie I need to call Sam. I really need to wash my hands. They were uncomfortably warm when I woke up. Hey. imitates smooches phone buzzing Hello. Sammy... Sammy! Hello! Samantha is just fine. If you hurt her, I promise... Bring the phone to the casino tonight or I'll kill your Sammy. No casino. We meet in public. Kai Tak Terminal, pm. Samantha okay? Look, I can explain that. I was gonna give that back. You have excuse for everything. You're a liar. Okay, fine. Total honesty, I wasn't gonna give it back, but that's when you were being a dick. Now that we're partners I was gonna surprise you and I was just looking for... I don't partner with cowards. You're bad luck. You make things worse. Oh, really? If it wasn't for me, you'd be moping around your apartment eating ramen, reading "Alpaca Daily." You say I'm lonely? If I'm lonely, what are you? Where's the picture of your family? Back off, Bennie. You have no one. You're right. I don't have anyone. All those stories about my mom and dad and how great they are, I made them up. I never knew them. They dumped me at birth. Does that make you happy? Can I have my jacket? You got the phone. So long, Bennie. Excuse me. Would you mind holding that for me? Yeah, okay. Thank you. Aw, come on, dude. You hand me an urn with somebody in it. Why are you so nosy? Why you look inside? Do you just walk around with that thing? Inside is my friend. Before he died, I promise him, I scatter his ashes in Victoria Harbor. I make a promise, now I'm doing it. Do you have a problem with that? No, sir. I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't realize. You about a jacket? Bennie. You look well. Where's Samantha? Give me the phone. We can do this the hard way, if you'd prefer. Sure. Let's do this the hard way. Captain Tang, the phone has proof. Victor Wong is the Matador. Bennie It can only be unlocked by his thumbprint. Mr. Wong, would you mind humoring us? Not at all. Bennie How can this be? I'm not the Matador. I never was. My sincere apologies, Mr. Wong. Captain Bennie Chan, you're under arrest for accessory to murder. Take him away. Hey, Natalia, it's Connor. How's Russia? How's your dad? Good. Listen, I want to ask you a favor. Connor It's ridiculous how long you made me wait. How am I supposed to cross-process my client in a timely and litigious manner? Hey, Bennie. Connor, what are you doing here? Well, real men stay and deal with their problems. A wise man once taught me that. You guys familiar with the case Kramer v Kramer, because you're about to be? A little space. They're gonna arrest you. I'm your lawyer. So, what's the plan? I was hoping you had some ideas. You come barging in here with no plan to get out?

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