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Thursday, April 6, 2017

1080 AM Hot Talk KOAN

1080 AM Hot Talk KOAN, Online 1080 AM Hot Talk KOAN Radio internet, 1080 AM Hot Talk KOAN USA Radio Add to your site. Dry him out. Very good. He's all right. Hey, hey! How's that going? You don't know about my parents. Money. Honor's more important than money. Speaking of . Why are you ting in front of Johnny? Whoo! Whoo! Push! push! So let me walk the walk And I'm talkin' the talk Whoa, I'm falling off. Victor Wong will see to it ow nev... Give it to me. donkey brays What are you doing? What are you trying to do? La la la la. I'm okay. And I don't see another way for me to be Now. What? I... I got to get a better angle. Why... why you can't do the... laughs You make me run again. You missed. Huh? No. Ah! Good job. Great job. laughs One take. Perfect. speaks Chinese BMW X, horsepower. miles to the gallon. What are you doing? A commercial? BMW, bring me one. They won't give you. They won't give to you. Right? Oh. Harlin: Action. We're here in Guilin having a ball. Jackie's trying to get us off this rock. Push, Jackie, push! laughs Ah! Visa or MasterCard? speaks Chinese Can you get it? Yes. speaks Chinese But they always sprout before I can use them up. Potato sprouts are poisonous, right? Solanine? Yeah, that's the one. Maybe I'll raise them on the sly. If things get bad we can poison ourselves. If things get bad? That's you killing him and yourself. Scary. But you and your husband don't need any poison. Why not? Because you seem so happy together. We seem happy together? Welcome home. Hi. Thanks. Tomi came over today to discuss my exhibition. She told me her boyfriend proposed. Oh, yeah? But she says she's not interested in getting married. Here. Tomi said an ex-boyfriend cheated on her. So she can't trust men and has no illusions about marriage. That's terrible. What is? Him cheating on her. If you cheat on me, I'll stab you. Good evening. Welcome. Nice to see you. Enjoy. Looks delicious. You're such a good cook, Ruriko. No, I'm not. You put grated carrots in here, right? You don't like carrots? No, I like them. My brother still won't eat carrots? He's such a picky eater. I sneak them in, but don't tell him. Where is he? One second. Hello? You guys are such a strange couple. Why? Calling each other by cell in the same house. I mean, locking your room is such teenage behavior. It's a habit. Don't you hate it, Ruriko? But the cell phone is handy. That's not what I mean. You're perfect for each other. A rose blooms on the bush. There is no greater mystery. What? I saw this movie. It said what couples need are a red rose and a white rose. The red rose is passion. The white is truth. Couples get along if they have both of those. Are you listening? Sure. Really? Say. We'll get to the station soon, won't we? Shall we stop for a cup of tea somewhere? No, I have to go. Already? Yeah, I have to go to the electronics store and I won't be needing dinner. We can't even spend your day off together. See you later. Off you go. Hello. Iwamoto! You never show up anymore, not since you got married. You're right. You're looking good. Of course. Cheers, then. Have you been diving? Not at all. What a waste, after you got your instructor's license. You know that hostel in Izu we trained at every year? We're all going to go diving there. Want to join us? I'd love to go, it's been so long. I wasn't sure which, so I brought red and white. I'll have the red, then. Sure. Thanks. Cheers. You're in the I.T. Business? That's right. Miura, what do you do? I work in an aquarium. You don't look the part. I don't? I don't mean anything by it. I started diving because I wanted to watch fish swim. I love how slippery fish are. I like fish so much better than mammals. Because you can't tell what's on their minds. You can't tell what's on mammals minds either. What's your wife like? What's she like? Well, she's beautiful. I know that. Do you ever fight? Not at all. What? Never? You've been married years, right? You're really in love. Not really. She has a loose grip on reality. Do you have a boyfriend? No, not for a long time. Do you still love your wife, as much as you did years ago? I'll get more wine. Hey. Going home already? Yeah, I've had it. Your wife is waiting, huh? It's not that... See you. Hey! Can I see you again? I'd like to see you again. Can I? Sure. See you. Welcome home. Hi. How was your reunion? I saw Nemoto again. He sends his best to you. That's all? A younger alumna gave me guest tickets to her aquarium. She said to bring you. That's all? Yeah, that's all. Strange smell. I'll take a bath. Are you hungry? No, I'm fine. OK. What a great crowd. It was your most crowded show ever. Thank you so much, you really saved me. The pleasure's mine. I'd like to go celebrate but I have to go home. Satoshi doesn't like being home alone. I'm sorry. No, no, next time. Shall we have a sip of wine? Really? Remember that gift bottle? Oh, great, I'll go get it. Are you Iwamoto Ruriko? Yes. Could you give me this bear? Are you the one who called? You know him? He keeps calling, asking for Nana. I keep turning him down. I saw them all, but this one is special. I told you, it's not for sale. You like teddy bears? No, not usually. My girlfriend loves this bear and just has to have it.

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