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Saturday, April 8, 2017

KIX 66

KIX 66 , Online KIX 66 Radio internet, KIX 66 USA Radio Add to your site. Meeting at night, it feels like a real date. You think? Will you see me again at night, from time to time? Remember those plans to go diving with Nemoto? They were canceled. They were? Nemoto said he couldn't go, even though it was his idea. I see, too bad. Yes, too bad. So, shall we go? Together, the two of us. It was just an idea. Satoshi, do you think I'm passionate? Passionate? No. Really? Oh, good. Ruriko. Yes? Do you have any secrets you keep from me? Of course, I do. Diving? I'm not going diving, Satoshi is. Why are you going, too? I'm going to read on the beach. I like staring at the ocean. So do I. It's on a holiday, so I couldn't see you anyway. I'm not mad I can't see you, I don't want you to travel with another man. He's not another man. He's my husband. What? One more time. I'm already dressed. Undress again. What a beautiful day. Say, what will you do if I break up with Miyako? I wouldn't do anything. There's nothing I can do. I thought you'd say that. I have to go home. Wait, I'll see you home. You can sleep. No, I'm fine. I feel like we're running away. From what? It doesn't matter what. Here. Take a look. It's amazing. It's nice to share memories. We see the same things and remember the same things. Are you newlyweds? Is that how we seem? Yes, you get along so well. To tell the truth, we're eloping. What is it? This spot OK? Yes, I'll be reading. I'll be off, then. Isn't it a little creepy? Diving where people have died? If you say that, you can never go diving. I see your point, but... Be careful, OK? You're unbelievable. I'm sorry, but I had to see you. What on earth were you thinking, doing this? I looked for you for hours. Thankfully, it's a small harbor. I heard about the double suicide. You did? I thought it was you two. Why? I wonder why... Have you seen the ocean? Yes, plenty. Let's go, then. I had to see you. I missed you, too. I had to come to see you. Don't be mad. Why would I be mad? I'm so happy to see you. That's the truth. But... But? No, it's nothing. Aren't you cold? I am. I'll make some tea. It's OK, sit down. Thank you. If you hadn't invited me, I might never have gone diving again in my life. No, I'm the one that's happy being able to dive with you. Oh, I'm so happy. I was afraid you might not really show up. That I couldn't see you. Actually, I was a little anxious, too. That you might not be here. Of course I'd be here. Anywhere you ask me to. I promise. When I was waiting for you, all alone, and just listening to the waves, it really cleared my head. I was just filled up with wanting to see you. I bet you can't imagine the terror of losing you, if I ask you for more. I have to go. Stay a little longer. Satoshi's a window. Satoshi is my window. Good morning. Here you go. Thanks. Hey, poached eggs, today? Yes, they're poached. That's great, I've been craving one. Craving? I'm glad. We think alike. Bon appetit. Enjoy. Bon appetit. The human body is warm, isn't it? You didn't know? I'd forgotten. Maybe what I really want is your body heat. I have to go. Women look so small when they're dressed. Why do they look so big when they're naked? We do? The four of us should go out together. Miyako wants to see you. Besides... Besides? I want to see what he's like. Your husband... Thanks. Thank you. It's delicious, isn't it? Oh, it's Nana. I brought Nana here to see you. I often take her abroad with my job. Oh, where do you work? At a travel agency. I escort newlyweds and elderly couples on tours. So, Nana's been all over the world. Until I met Nana, I thought only lonely people wanted teddy bears. But I was wrong. The bears you make are lonely. Please. Thanks. Don't you attend? Ruriko's shows. It's just not a world I understand. I keep meaning to go... Not me, I'd be the first one there. I mean, if it was Miyako's show. What are you talking about? I'm the jealous type. I wouldn't even want other people to see it. He doesn't need to see my shows for us to be connected. It's scary. What is? I feel like we get better each time we meet. You don't want us to get better? That's not what I mean. You're so mean. Leaving already? I feel too comfortable here. If I stay, I won't be able to leave. Then I hope you can't leave. You can't leave and you don't. Don't be impossible. Ruriko. What? I might break up with Miyako. I want to break up. Even though our breaking up might not affect you. Why don't you say something. Tell me it doesn't affect you. Just be your normal, rational self and say it doesn't affect you. Either that, or... Or just lie and tell me it does affect you. It does affect me. And that's not a lie. I can't lie to you. You know that, right? Because you won't lie to me, either. And you see... See what? Do you know why we can't lie to each other? We lie to whomever we want to protect. Or whatever we're trying to protect. Just the way you lie to Miyako. And the way... I lie to Satoshi. But I love you. You're cruel. Ruriko? I'm sorry. Time for tea? No thanks. The moon is white tonight. Did you notice? Ruriko. Yes? Want me to hold you? It's a first. Your wanting to hold me. Thank you. Congratulations. Thank you.

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