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Monday, April 10, 2017

360 North

360 North, Online 360 North Radio internet, 360 North USA Radio Another outbreak like this, you'll have your next meal in Alcatraz. Best stay out of there, Grady. Yeah, I guess you're right. If we're lucky they don't all kill each other before we get there. Hurry on, this is my train. How can I hurry, with this heavy thing? Must have put in everything you own. Must be strangers. First decent looking people I've seen in this town since I got here. Annie. What a thing to say! Oh, it's perfectly true and you know it. I'm glad you're getting away from this place. I'm sorry George ever moved here. Wait here, dear. Young man, when the train comes, will you help my niece with that heavy grip? I think you'd better ask somebody else. Well, what on earth is the world coming to? You ever hear such impertinence? Annie, what did you say to them? What did I say? I just asked them a civil question. The idea of two broad able bodied men refusing to lift a finger. I've never heard of such a thing. Henry Roberts? That's right. Calligan? Yes. Alright, we'll take him. Well, these are not coming off until you put yours on. Goodness! Handcuffs and guns, you can't get on this train, it's too dangerous! But I want to go on this train. Very well, but I certainly don't approve of it. Well, you're just gonna stand here? Train's waiting. Come on! Aboard! Come on. Aboard! Well, good-bye, Beatrice, now you be careful. Good-bye. I'm in charge here, Tommy. Stevens, United States marshal. Porter... I know all about you, Tommy. Reform school at the age of . In and out of jail ever since. Parole violations. A murder charge this last time. I got a different idea about that. You've made one escape already. We'd better make this clear: If you think you're gonna escape again, you might as well forget it. You go in there with a lot of other men, who all have the same idea. Escape is all they ever think about. All of you men are on your way to Alcatraz because you've been constant troublemakers elsewhere. Alright, take him in. Did you notice that young man they put on the train? I certainly did, it's a wonder a person can't ride on a train without having all these criminals on board. That boy didn't look to me like he was bad. I've seen a lot worse people in this world. I bet some girl got him into this life of crime. That's what my uncle always says, and he's a lawyer. Here's another one, probably going for his last ride. I know you guys all think you're coming back, but how many ever do? I'd take a good luck at the scenery, it's the last chance you're gonna have for a long time. Got scenery at Alcatraz, too, only it ain't close enough to get a good look at. Lights off in the distance, maybe a ship going by on the other side of the bay. You're lucky if you see anything over the fog rolling in most of the time. Makes it kinda cold and gloomy. You'll find out what I mean. Got a nice sociable bunch in here. A lot of 'em are around your age. Still get a few of the old timers. One of the Daniels gang. You'd never guess to you look at him. He knocked over three or four banks. Fellow next to me over here is Peter Ader, Apache Indian. We've been calling him Geronimo. The old chief is a shrinking violet compared to him. Killed an Indian agent and his whole family in their sleep. This guy is McHenry, ran short of greenbacks and started printing his own. You meet all kinds in a jump like this, some that go out of their way to make trouble. Take this guy Anders, used to be a commando. Got caught robbing a government warehouse. Forgot the war was over and put a strangle on the watchman. This young fella's Hollister. Bad habit of robbing the mail that's gonna give him a nice Alcatraz haircut. Shame! Doug Forbes, kidnapped a big-time bookmaker and held him for a hundred grand. You only made one jailbreak, Forbes here made four of 'em. Regular Houdini. Well, be dopin' out how he's gonna crack Alcatraz, but he's just wasting his time. This livewire is Slip Mahaffey. U.S. customs nailed him for smuggling. You never can tell by looking at him. Take this guy with a bow tie, Hudsons. One of the best safe crackers in the country. Post office job the last time. Probably a small game for Bart Kanin.

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