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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

88.1 Fm Air1 Radio

88.1 Fm Air1 Radio, Online 88.1 Fm Air1 Radio Radio internet, 88.1 Fm Air1 Radio USA Radio Add to your site. the kind that I've always made and I got plenty of it stacked away. You almost make me believe that. There's only one trouble: I don't trust you Kanin, nobody does. Anytime you have got any ideas, they're all working for Bart Kanin, I learned that the hard way. Well, I should've known better. I tried to talk some sense into a kid who is too smart for his own good. If you change your mind, let me know. Hey, you in there Calligan! I could enjoy this train ride a lot better when everybody is sitting down nice and quietly. You got to watch that Kanin. That's what Tommy thinks. You don't know him like I do. Stick to him and you are as good as out of here, is that what he told you? It might have been, why? That's how he got this transfer. Talked half his cell block into to making a rush for it. But he didn't figure on leaving unless they made it. I didn't know he was in on that. A couple of guys got killed. But not Kanin. He is too careful for that. He's a smart boy, Tommy. Stay away from him. Somebody should've told me that a long time ago. Yeah? What happened? Nothing but trouble... for me. I remember that first morning I ever saw him. I was out on parole, but this time I decided I was staying out, I had a good job too. Mechanic in a little garage about twenty miles outside of town. I've always liked this kind of work and I was gonna stick at it, at least that's what I thought. How about using your phone? Help yourself, in the office. Well, don't you speak to your old friends? Hello Tommy. How are you Virginia? I wondered whatever happened to you. You did? Sure. Plenty of times. What have you been doing lately? Should a lady tell all? Not married or anything? Uh-uh. Why? For a guy who has always liked you, that's a pretty natural question, isn't it? I guess it is. You know, you used to be a pretty good dancer. Maybe I ought to call you up sometime. Why don't you? There's a couple of places we didn't go and a lot of things we didn't get to talk about. I'll be seeing you. How'd you do with him? He's in the bag, I'll get him up to the problem. Tommy, what do you think of it? Well, I could use the extra money, but what do you mean by collections? Well, darling there's nothing to it. It's a wire service, you do the collecting from the handbooks. We give them the track odds and the payoff. They can't get that information for nothing. Bookmaking isn't legal. This is. When you get smart, you find out those things. You know there is not a lot of difference between legitimate business and the other kind. Sometimes it's just knowing the right angles. I'd like to do it, I guess, but with probation keeping tabs on me, I can't take any chances. Tommy I wouldn't ask you to do anything wrong. I'd like to hang on to you for a while. Okay, I'll give it a try. Let's see the list, Marty. Now Marty will take you around and show you the route. I'm not running him out of the job. No, he's getting a little too fancy for this work. We have something else for him to do. Okay, Tommy, let's get started. Oh, Tommy... just a minute. Better take this. I told you I am on probation. We're getting you a permit. After all, you'll be carrying a lot of money around, you might be hijacked. Yeah, one of the Durante mob tried it Might've looked he was a copper, but I handled him. I've been keeping those boys out of this part of town, kid. Look Marty, you don't have to make Tony believe he has to knock anybody down to make these collections. I'll see you when you get back. How about it? Okay. That's a bloody crime I used to try a lot of that stuff, but I've got everything running smooth now. Yeah? Yeah, sure, he'll work out fine. Where is Marty? Well, you get hold of him as soon as you can. There's something I want him to take care of right away. Yeah, okay. Bye, honey. Nothing to it, I'll let you pick up this one alone. Everything would've been all right if he had let me handle the next one alone. Hard someone hadn't picked out that neighborhood to be passing out some almost good ten-dollar bills. It hadn't taken long for the T-Men to come poking around, One was standing there, looking at a racing-sheet and I walked right into it. It was a little dumb of me, but... after all the stuff Marty had been handling me I thought this was the highjack plan. I began protecting my collection. Just then I remembered I was on probation, now better get out of there and ditch the gun. Rodney, that man just jumped over that fence. I was in the clear now. Do something! All I had to do was to get out of that neighborhood, fast. I remember that little squit trying to stop me. It was crazy, he didn't have a chance. How was I to know that that was Rodney, one of the best quarterbacks City College ever had. The prosecution will please continue. And I'm asking that you make an example of this young man, A federal officer has been killed, Yet the defendant, Thomas Calligan, would have us believe that he did not fire the gun he was carrying, but he went to great lengths to dispose of it. Hiding it in some garbage can in an alley, knowing that within few hours it would be dumped to the bottom of the bay.

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