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Friday, April 14, 2017

89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV

89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV, Online 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV Radio internet, 89.3 K-LOVE Radio KLOV USA Radio Add to your site. What's the matter with you, I wish… Don't try to pull any more fast ones if you wanna get out of here. You stick around, we're gonna need you, keep your eye on him. There are more guns inside, Look for cartridges too. You two, guys, watch that back door. Come on, we are taking over the whole train. I'm sure it was shots. Several people heard them. Hold it. Give me a hand! Shall I stop the train? No, keep the steam rumbling. That's what they want. Better lock that back vestibule door. I don't want anybody pull the emergency chord. You two watch this door. Put those chains on him. How far is the next town? Milford, miles. We can just hold them in that car. Conductor... What? One of the passengers has fainted. How is she? Ah! She'll be all right. That is if we get through this alive. Okay, roll in this: every man with his chains off is responsible for this guard's death. We'll all get the chair for this. They gotta catch us first. Come on to the front end. Come on back! Okay, Mr. Forbes, what happens now? We gotta cut those railcars loose. I can do it but, how do I get out on the platform? Barrage, just like in the Army. We've got plenty of guns. Okay, we'll cover you. He's still out there. What about the air brakes? We don't want this end of train to stop. I know what to do. Alright you guys, just keep that marshal busy. Do you need help, marshal? Do I? I can sure use it. You got the plugs out of those guns? Why! Naturally, of course. What kind of duffers do you think we are? They're gettin' on, I tell! They'll cut us all down! Shake out of it, Anders. We gotta use our heads. Alright get this, I am gonna try to get next to that door. Fire over my head and keep firing. But don't wing me. It won't be that scatter from this range, old boy. Whenever you are ready, marshal. Here I go. Anders, cut it out! Get on those doors, watch the side of the train. Here's one at close range, one of our little cully is about to take flight. I'll kill 'em! I'll kill those yellow rats! Anders! Out of the way! Why don't you give up, Forbes? You'll never get out. Shut up! How far is the next town? miles, no more. Give me that key, Kanin. Unlock his chains. What are you up to? You'll find out. You still out there, marshal? Yeah, I'm still here. One of your men is dead: Walker. We've got two of your men in here. If you wanna see 'em alive, you'd better stop this train and let us out of here. You are not bluffing me, Forbes. I'm not turning a single man loose. I'm gonna give you a chance to take that back, marshal. If you don't stop this train, both of your men are gonna get a bullet in their head. One every ten miles. I'm not making any deals with you, Forbes. I am taking this train into Milford. You are wasting your breath, Forbes. I've known the marshal a long time and he always keeps his word. If he does, I'm gonna keep mine. Yeah, I guess you would. One mile, marshal. Marshal, you're not going to let them kill that man. If they had the nerve, they would've shot him by now. I don't know what would happen if I stopped this train. Take those two guards along as hostages, kill them out there in the hills. Anyway, I've got my orders. This isn't the first time a thing like this has happened. If those men get out and roam around the country, a lot of innocent people will be killed. I'd rather fight it out here. Two miles, marshal. I am gonna give it to you just like you gave it to Nick. I can't stop you, maybe it's my time. And when it's your time, there's nothing you can do about it. You scrubby coppers got nothing on me. Sure, I was packed in a raid. What of it? I need it for protection. I want my rights. Give me one phone call and I'll be out of here in ten minutes. Hold it a minute, boys. I've got bad news for you, Marty. Yeah? What's that? We checked the rifling on this gun of yours. It matches the bullet that killed the federal officer about a year ago. You'll never make that stick. I think we will. And there's a young man who'll be glad to hear about this. Tommy Calligan. He's on his way to Alcatraz, but this certainly puts him in the clear on this rap.

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