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Monday, March 13, 2017


920 AM KSRM, Online 920 AM KSRM Radio internet, 920 AM KSRM USA Radio Add to your site. Nervous? Not in the least. Well you know what you're looking for? I have my own idea. A typical English guards officer, man about town. Or perhaps the explorer type. Strong, silent, resolute. Guard's officer, man about town, explorer. Perhaps that man there. Or there. Or there. No, I'm afraid that's not the type I'm looking for. No? No. I'm looking for brain, not brawn. As you will. Anyhow, all I can tell you is that the man we want will be here tonight. See what you can do. Don't forget the General's name again. Thank you, sir. Sir Roger and Lady Tadworth. Your card please, sir. Thank you. This way please. Thank you sir. His excellency the Chilean ambassador. Have you got a match? I'll get you one, sir. Thank you. Senor and Senorita Goya. Old soldiers. Yes sir. Sorry sir. Professor Horatio Smith. Hello George. Hello Horace. Well I've come as I promised. Well that's splendid. Can I go now? Oh I should stay a bit and enjoy yourself. Alright. That's a nice suit. You make it yourself? Certainly not, a fellow in Cambridge made it for me when I was . Alice, I'd like you to meet my brother Professor Smith. Lady Willoughby. How do you do? Not the Professor Smith? Why only the other day someone said I was the image of your Aphrodite. What do you think? Well it's rather hard to judge, you see, I only know my Aphrodite in the nude. Horace, I don't know whether these details of your private life-- Yes well, to the pure all things impure. If I were you I should take things a bit easy. It's alright, my head's like iron. In more ways than one, believe me. Say, there's the prof. And it looks like he wants me. You mean us. Who is that? I've no idea. He's here. How do you know? I've just been upstairs and-- Have you noticed that, sir? I do my best not to, Mr. Gregson. I'll bet she's got a headache holding that up. Yes, let that serve as a reminder to you gentlemen that the rendezvous is : at Dvorak's. And I think I know who he is. Oh, who? I don't speak until I'm certain. I thought you said there were half a dozen cards with their corners torn off. Yes, but only one that will exactly fit the one that I have here. I can hardly imagine the man you're looking for being wise enough to tear the corners from half a dozen and foolish enough to leave his own card. You are a very intelligent young woman. Very intelligent of you to realize it. Now that he's in here I can promise he won't get out. I haven't any complaints. The champagne's not too hot, in fact it's lukewarm. What do you expect baby? It's free! See Naples and die. Boy, do you see what I see? Now's your chance. Gotta do things artistically. There's a different approach to each type. Watch me. Excuse me. Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought you were somebody else. Von Graum. Smith. Clearly a case of mistaken identity, I'm looking for Jekyll and I find Hyde. Jekyll? Hyde? Oh an English joke. Well, hardly a joke. Well excuse me. No no no, you mustn't go, tell me more about yourself. I'm always interested in local customs and habits. For instance, what do you do with yourself? I hunt for the enemies of the Reich.

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