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Saturday, March 11, 2017


640 AM KYUK, Online 640 AM KYUK Radio internet, 640 AM KYUK USA Radio Add to your site. First, a scrap of music whistled in the night. Beg your pardon Herr Reich Minister, it went this way. No, this way. No no no. Stop that! The origin of the tune is being traced by a committee of experts. Secondly, the corner of a card found in the pocket of the scarecrow's coat. Send in Herr Zigor. Where is it? Here it is. A piece of paste board. Gild aged, with RSVP printed in copper plate on one side, and the figures : in pencil on the reverse. Well? It must be part of an invitation card, sir. Oh well done Herr Schmaus. And that being so it is possibly one of a number issued for the same reception. Is it beyond the power of the gestapo to trace where that reception is being held? Herr Zigor is here. Well? Unfortunately sir, none of the persons who overheard the whistling that followed each escape has enjoyed a musical education. Oh. So we have endeavored to crystallize their renderings into a single musical phrase and score it. There. I asked you to trace the origins of the phrase. It starts with a bar of the third movement of Lubach's concerto in G minor. May I play it for you? No, I will. Sit down. Put on the record made by the frontier guard. But don't start it. Lubach's concerto. I don't believe it. Put on the record. Oh, stop it. Well. Here at last we have something. Come over here, all of you. You see? Identical. Absolutely identical. The British Embassy reception. That means he must be English! Does it? How interesting. And the fact that I too have received an invitation means that I must be English! Thank you gentlemen for your invaluable help. You may all go. And you. What are you doing here? I was just collecting some papers. What for? I don't know. I always do. What's your name? Wagner, Herr General. Do you like music, Wagner? Not very much, Herr General. Do you like this melody? It's quite nice, for an English tune. Did you say English tune? Why of course. An old English song. There is a Tavern in the Town. Come here, Wagner. Herr General? Don't be nervous. You shall be rewarded! You are a genius! You shall have a signed picture of the Fuhrer! Have a chocolate. His excellency the Peruvian minister and Madam Gordia. Lord and Lady Grabett. How are you my dear? The ambassador here? No no, he had to fly to London. Oh, things as bad as that, eh? Well hope springs eternal, eh? Herr Reich Minister General von Graum. My felicitations. So glad you were able to come. I never miss an opportunity of cementing the friendship between Britain and the Reich. That was very happily put. I hope you will be able to come to the Nuremberg rally? Yes, I hope so. What's it in honor of this year? Peace. Ah. Captain and Madam Lacroix. Colonel and Mrs. Channing and Lady Eva Plumb. That man over there. Where? By the table. The one by the fireplace with the beard. Idiot, that's one of our men. The right honorable the Earl of Meadowbrook. Hello Bussy, what have you been doing? Absolutely nothing. My dear fellow, you mustn't overdo it. I know. Oh, the jolly Miss Coles. Good evening, General. General von Graum. Oh yes, of course. Not a very good memory.

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