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Thursday, March 9, 2017

106.9 FM KFSE

106.9 FM KFSE, Online 106.9 FM KFSE Radio internet, 106.9 FM KFSE USA Radio Nothing but fields and open country. I don't know, but I believe. There have been others, you know. Stop talking there! Next time there's any trouble it'll be one of you scarecrows! Gosh, the shadow's been at it again. World famous pianist escapes from labor camp. Let's have a look. Karl Meyer the pianist is reported to have crossed the French frontier in an exhausted condition. It is suggested that his escape is effected by the mysterious personage believed to have been responsible for similar rescues of other enemies of the Reich. What a game, what a game. Better than burrowing like a rabbit for bits of the past. That guy has guts. Even a rabbit has guts, Mr. Maxwell. Sounds awfully sensational. Wonder how he does it. By taking a chance. They'll catch him on the hop one of these days. They always catch that sort of bloke, don't they sir? In the deplorable argue of you moderns, I wouldn't know. The man penetrated the camp in the guise of a scarecrow. In the guise of a scarecrow? Here let's have a look. Guise of a scarecrow. He was undoubtedly wounded, for a ragged coat with a blood-soaked sleeve was picked up when the escape was effected. Blood soaked sleeve? Very melodramatic. Pipped in the arm, eh? I wouldn't pay too much attention to newspaper reports, gentlemen. Well, I suppose one can get a wash on this train. Yes, yes, that's a good idea. Think I'll have a wash too. Right, a wash. My hands are perfectly clean. What on earth's the matter with you gentlemen? Prof. Just so, Mr. Maxwell. But a sensible fellow would keep his mouth shut. Oh gee, oh boy oh boy. Well kick me from here to Christmas. Apart from the wearisomeness of such an undertaking, I'm the one who should be kicked for the not unnatural mistake of underestimating your intelligence. But how did you get into the racket? Trouble was to keep out of it. You see, when a man holds the view that progress and civilization depend in every age upon the hands and brains of a few exceptional spirits, it's rather hard to stand by and see them destroyed. But how did you get away with it? You of all people? Mr. Maxwell, I'm not a spectacular person. In fact, a natural capacity for melting into the landscape has suddenly proved very useful. I guess you're one of the greatest guys in creation. That, Mr. Maxwell, is a gross overstatement. Actually I'm a singularly weak person. Who invariably gives way to his impulses. Fellas, come back here, on all fours. Well gentlemen, I hope you feel duly refreshed. Yes, thank you sir. Professor, may I shake you by the hand? Certainly Mr. Mclntyre, especially as we shall soon be saying goodbye. Goodbye? Goodbye? What else? Now that you've discovered my guilty secret. Yes, we've got something to say about that. Plenty to say. Yes, we've been talking it over ourselves. Yes, we want to be in it, sir. We are in it, up to the neck and through to the finish! Oh no you're not. Oh yes we are, otherwise I'm afraid we'll have to give the whole show away! Eh fellas? What is this gentlemen, blackmail? Well, a nice kind of blackmail. Yes. Yes, I'll attend to it at once. Hello? Hello? I can't hear a word, I'll ring you back. Gentlemen please, I can't hear my own voice! I'm sorry. Is there nowhere else you can go to perpetrate these noises? Characteristics are purely French. Rubbish! The phrase or one like it occurs in no fewer than seven compositions of Lubach's early work! Nothing like it. Well at least we're agreed about the tempo! I maintain there is a modulation in the second movement! But I heard the record and I didn't notice it! Well if you'd listened more carefully you'd have heard that the tempo of the second movement is far slower than the tempo of the third! Gentlemen, please. Will you be quiet! Here in this building we are supposed to know everything that goes on in Germany. You can hardly expect me to believe that these escapes were effected without treachery somewhere! Herr Reich Minister! We've given all the information we possess. If my loyalty's in question, I resign. Resign, that is your valuable contribution? Sit down. Now, let us examine once more the available evidence.

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