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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WDNG 1450 AM Anniston

WDNG 1450 AM Anniston, Online WDNG 1450 AM Anniston Radio internet, WDNG 1450 AM Anniston USA Radio The man with the beard sighed. "Down in the forest something stirred." Is that funny? No, it's not funny. Good. Now, the famous English humoristic journal Punch. "Young lady at telephone. "You say you have met an officer and a gentleman. "Well, bring them both up." Not funny? No, not funny. Good, now Edward Lear. "There was an old man of Bengal "went to a fancy dress ball. "He said I'll risk it and go as a biscuit "and the dog ate him up in the hall." Very unfunny. Yes, very. Now Herr Lewis Carroll. "Alice Through the Looking Glass. "Twas brillig and the slithy toves "did gyre and gimble in the wabe." Painful rubbish. Very painful. I have come to the conclusion that the English sense of humor is a myth. They have no sense of humor and therefore they have no secret weapon, the whole thing is a complete bluff. Yes, yes. Ah, but wait. When I am Gauleiter of London I shall see to it that there is no talk of sense of humor. Oh you will, Herr Reich Minister. Well what is this? A report on the escape of Karl Planker. Ah. Schmidt and Marx, bring them here. Get them! I shall see the prisoner Koslowski in three minutes. Ah, come in gentlemen, come in. Incompetent clowns! You have read this report? I have sir, I told the prison kommandant what to expect. You did, eh? The frontiers are watched, all foreigners questioned. It won't be long before we get the man who arranged these escapes. Oh, then you have his description? Hardly, sir. Well. And it never occurred to you to question the one man who could give it to you? Who, sir? Send in Sidimir Koslowski. Of course. Just so. A more impatient man might resent having to supply all the brains in his department. Prisoner Koslowski. Ah, just the man we want to see. I wanted to have a little chat with you about freedom. Oh, not the paper you edit, but your own personal freedom. Well? At our last interview I asked you to let me have a list of the persons who had contributed matter to your paper contrary to the interests of the Reich. You did. Well suppose we forget that. It'll save you a lot of disappointment. And suppose you answer me a much simpler question. In return for what? Ticket to Warsaw, the freedom of your own country. While it exists. What do you want? A description of the man who prevented the arrest of Dr. Benckendorf. I can't give it. You were present at the time. A trained observer must have noticed some little peculiarity. How he walked, he talked, his height. What was his nationality? I've no idea. Oh come. I should hate to leave you to the tender mercies of those idiots who've just gone out. Very well then. Under duress. He was seven feet high and covered with red hair. I see. You are, I believe, a married man. Correct. But with Europe in its present state, my family is abroad. Your family consisting of one daughter? Yes. She is safely in America. In America, yes. Thank you. Good day. Is it the real thing, sir? No, Master Gregson, I'm afraid it's just a flint from one of Mr. Hitler's new roads. Letter for you, Prof. Oh, thank you. I'm very sorry, Mr. Gregson. Well, look at that. Oh that's very pretty. An invitation from our embassy in Berlin. Berlin? Oh that seems an awful long way away. Wait a minute, don't tell me you've forgotten we're all set for Berlin tomorrow morning? Are we? Sure. What time are we leaving? :. Oh. AM? AM, and I'm gonna write it down. :. Now it's right here in your pocket. Thank you. Thank you. Well gentlemen, I shall see you on the train. :. Two! Two. But where are you going tonight, sir? Aren't you going to stay here? Probably. Probably. Thank you. Don't worry about me. You know, some guys should go around in a lead. er kommt. What did I tell you? Get rid of it, you fool! What are you doing you two? Nothing. You were looking at something. I was only looking at his hands. Why? Because they're the hands of the world's greatest pianist. Well, who wants to look at the dirty hands of a dirty loafer? I shall report you for this. Name? Meyer, Karl Meyer. Get on with your work or you'll have a taste of this. How do you expect to be rescued from this place?

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