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Sunday, March 5, 2017

89.5 Fm Radio Free Palmer

89.5 Fm Radio Free Palmer, Online 89.5 Fm Radio Free Palmer Radio internet, 89.5 Fm Radio Free Palmer USA Radio Say, do you see what I see? What do you mean, the cow? Yeah, the cow. Yeah, believe it or not, boys, that's a Bonhoffer cow. They produce less milk than our Jersey cows. Really, you must tell me more of your experiences some other time. Mr. Romley. Here. Come on, Gretchen, let's hear a few. Yes, come on. ♫ You'll take the high road ♫ And I'll take the low road And I'll be in Scotland afore ye ♫ For me and my true love will never meet again ♫ On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond Come on, boys, Annie Lloyd. Everything all right, Herr Professor? Everything's splendid. And the coffee's excellent. I'm glad it's to your taste, sir. Still at it, prof? Yes, we shall only be doing about miles tomorrow. It'll seem like standing still. Well, have you got our marching orders? Yeah, just another miles. Does he never relax? He's like a man hunted by a conscience. Forever forging ahead. There must be reason for it. There is. starvation. Go on. No kidding. Maybe you're right. Well can't we do something about it? Say, that's quite an idea. Tootle on that flootle, Jock, I'm going into action. My tooting. ♫ La da dee, da dum dee dum ♫ La da dee, da dum da dum ♫ Dee ♫ Now gentlemen, since you're all in such magnificent spirits, I've decided to alter slightly tomorrow's itinerary. Ah. It will now be miles. miles, but that's-- We'll make it miles. Yes. Now, as you all know, we're now at Unter Sitzenberg. Altitude , feet. In the morning, we shall climb to , feet. And uh... in the afternoon... Yes. On second thought, we'll postpone discussion about the afternoon's operations until later. And so, gentlemen, to bed. The call tomorrow morning is :am. Hello. Hello, Hans. Have some coffee? No, no, I want to go to bed. Now take it easy Admiral, I never shave in the evening. It's getting late, Herr Professor. Thank you for reminding me, my friend. ♫ Goodnight ladies ♫ Goodnight ladies ♫ Goodnight ladies ♫ We draw you now ♫ Silence. Go to sleep. If you're looking for dames, there aren't enough to go around. Oh, wanted me, sir? Yes, come. Anybody come in here just now? There's no one here but the English party. So. I haven't seen anyone, sir. Are you sure? Yes sir, I have been here since I came off duty. So. Well he's in Switzerland by now. There'll be the devil to pay for this! Get your post. You don't expect me to believe that nonsense? Yes I do. It couldn't be the same man. It might be. It couldn't be! Here, here, here, here, here! He couldn't be everywhere. He could. And last night here on the Swiss frontier. Let's go see how the reports are coming in. Right. What's the latest about Planker? Oh a message from Breslov. No information regarding identity of unknown man who assisted in Karl Planker's escape. Still no news of this fellow. Means trouble for someone. Any news? Message from Hamburg. No information regarding identity of unknown man who prevented the execution of Josef Fiatz. Breslaw, Hamburg, Belgian frontier, French frontier. All the same, no news. Planker seems to have got away. Over the Swiss border, same as Josefs and Blumenfeld. Shankenhurst went through Holland. But it's this damn shadow that Graum's after, if we can believe in it. Well I do. You call this thing a report? What is the use, Herr Kommandant, of the gestapo arresting enemies of the Reich if you permit them to escape? Every precaution was taken. That's no excuse for your conduct. We are answerable for our conduct to General von Graum, not to his assistant. Kindly have my report delivered. I'm afraid you'll regret that, Herr Kommandant. Please wait outside. Schmidt? Take this report to General von Graum. Yes sir. Oh, don't you think? At once! Yes sir. Get out, you! Oh, Hoffman. Yes? Oh, hello Schmidt. Take this report in there. What is it? Another report from the prison kommandant about Karl Planker's escape. I'm sorry, just going to have my lunch. Hoffman, this is an order. Herr Reich Minister. Know your enemy. I am told that the English have a secret weapon. Their sense of humor, and I am determined to find out all about it. For instance. PG Wodehouse. Listen.

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