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Friday, March 3, 2017

88.1 Fm KRUA

88.1 Fm KRUA , Online 88.1 Fm KRUA Radio internet, 88.1 Fm KRUA USA Radio I'll be around with the whole thing scheduled after dinner. Come on, boys. 'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe-- Stop! All mimsy were the-- Ah, professor, good afternoon. Good afternoon. How are you, pray? Late for my crumpets, as a matter of fact, which unlike wine, do not improve with keeping. Good day, sir. Ah, one moment. It may have escaped your memory that I am the dean of this college. Oh, so you are, sir, I'm so sorry. But you will hardly have forgotten Dr. Benckendorf. My goodness, the guinea pig! My old friend, how good it is to see you. Well, well, well, it must be nearly years. All of that, I am afraid. Ah, this is wonderful. How are the experiments coming along? I tell you what, you must come round to my rooms after hall, and we'll talk the cluck around. May I remind you that the doctor is my guest. No no no, you're both of you my guests, come along. Well, goodbye. Extraordinary fellow. Well, now that the dean has left us, tell me all about it. The serum was a success, eh? I left before I had the final proof. Oh that was too bad. On the other hand, I still have my life. It's hard to believe conditions are as bad as you say. They are worse, my friend. My escape was a miracle. So it seems. I very much regret, I am unable to thank my rescuer. By the way, who was he? And how on earth did he manage it? I have no idea. He came and went like a shadow. An invisible bodyguard. Every detail was arranged for me, from the time I left my home. Regular Cook's tour, eh? Well anyway, you're safe and alive and able to get on with your work. Yes, I like to believe it was because of my work that he did it. Not a bad reason. It is difficult for people like us to understand the motives of a true adventurer. You and I are not men of action, my friend. No, I hate violence. It seems such a paradox to kill a man before you can persuade him what's right. So uncivilized. Bless my soul, what's that? Everything's lined up, prof, and I brought the bunch along for a final check-up. I said tomorrow. Sure, but I'm helping you buy hours. Now look, chief, use the itinerary of the times of arrival and departure. An iron ration will be carried by all, and personal luggage restricted to pounds. And we're all set to go. Go away, don't you realize that I-- Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry, sir. Say, prof, can I have my bones? Hmm? Dice. No, they're my bones now. You're welcome, prof, see you in the morning. Good heavens. Did I dream all that? I'm afraid not. We're all set to go. My home is in Oy. Oy? Oy. But when I am on duty, I am billeted at the chalet. Do you think he'd bite me? No, not unless I tell him to. Come here, gentlemen, I want you to meet a friend of mine from Oy. Hello, how are you? I say, professor, we're not gonna walk right on out of Germany today, are we? My feet are giving out. Do you think they'll manage to carry you another hours, Mr. Gregson? What's all this barbed wire for? We are at the German-Swiss frontier, gentlemen. And the barbed wire is to prevent the oppressed Swiss from escaping into free Germany.

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