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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

820 AM KCBF Sports

820 AM KCBF Sports, Online 820 AM KCBF Sports Radio internet, 820 AM KCBF Sports USA Radio You're going to need socks, too. Thank you. You are so organized. What do you do? I used to be an interior designer. Really? I love what you did with the place. You should stay inside. There are bound to be aftershocks And the debris and the glass from the buildings Will fall into the streets. But you're leaving. I have a son. I have to find him. Of course. Doing something is better than doing nothing. I have a little dog. His name is low rider. If you find him, would you take care of him? He's hiding, or... Or he got out or something. Thank you. Wait! I can't go back in my place. I have to come with you. I can't stay here alone. I don't think that's possible Given my general state of anxiety. Please! Okay. creaking sounds water dripping Anybody there? Hello? Help! Please turn around, sir. No one proceeds unless on official business. I've got official business. My family's in the city. I'm sorry, sir. No civilians past this blockade. How am I supposed to get back to manhattan? There's a -mile-wide perimeter Around indian point nuclear facility. We're awaiting word on whether to evacuate the entire area. Manhattan is off-limits to any and all civilian traffic. You're saying there's no way to... honking I'm sorry, sir. But if I were you I might try some fishing. Thank you. Five alarm in chelsea from a break in the gas line. That would be companies and . They can't travel, either. Even if the streets were clear There's no water pressure. Hmm... Utilities, give me an update. Uh... We expect to have the gas supply to the city Shut down and depressurized In two hours. Okay. Water pressure's down in too many grids. There's a break in the main line We need to find it. Patch me through to companies and . Yes, sir. And give me a phone that works. Okay, as far as we know Incidents of looting and mayhem are sporadic. Yeah, well, that'll change. Trying to get a reading on how many beat cops There are on the island. And we're checking to see if queens is in any position To give us a d.S.U. Truck. I don't know how We're going to get it here. Well, you'd better think of something. This is company , go ahead. Okay, hand carry if you have to. , I want you to roll hose down th avenue All the way down to west th. , link up. Go all the way west Until you can draft from the hudson. Roger that. I need a fire boat. Pier , chelsea. Mayor, I need those streets cleared. You heard the chief, logistics. Henry, I want the bulldozers From all the construction sites in new york city On the street within an hour. Mayor, white house on the satellite phone. Mayor lincoln. My mom is not going to be able to cope with this. We will find your mother. Yeah, but... How do I tell her about my dad? You will find a way when the time comes. Who are you? Me? I am nicholai. I know. Diane, it could be long time to find drinking water. Better save. How long is long? Don't know. I'm sorry. You're right. I wasn't thinking. Ladies and gentlemen Washington just declared us a federal disaster. Fema, urban search and rescue teams Will be arriving at floyd bennett field in brooklyn And taken by helicopter to manhattan. Let the tv crews know Where they'll be landing. Whoa, wait a minute here. I got damn near , men out there. Now that's not counting your local emergency units Struggling with this thing right now Fema shows up and suddenly it's a photo op? You're out of line. Let me guess. This stuff replays around election time, right? For all we know, ahearn There'll be no city to hold an election. My point exactly. I'm calling for cameras Because the footage might give people hope. Hope! Because they see the entire country Mobilizing to help us. Elizabeth. Elizabeth, you all right? Yeah, as well as can be expected, I guess. Thank you. Take this. Thanks. No, I'm fine, thanks. How's mark ross? He, uh... Mark didn't make it, sir. Okay, okay, um... Look, you're going to have to take over emergency management. Yes, sir. This is chief ahearn, from the fire department. Pleased to meet you. Elizabeth perez. She's going to be director of emergency management.

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