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Monday, February 27, 2017

89.9 Fm HD3 KUAC-HD3

89.9 Fm HD3 KUAC-HD3, Online 89.9 Fm HD3 KUAC-HD3 Radio internet, 89.9 Fm HD3 KUAC-HD3 USA Radio what's your ? Dispatcher: Chief ahearn I'm in the borough communication center, mid queens. I can't raise central dispatch in manhattan But I am in touch with a helicopter overhead. All right, patch me in. This is fire chief ahearn. Do you read? I read you. This is jillian parnell, reporter for wcbs television. Ahearn: Jillian, are you airborne? Roger that. We're airborne. We just watched the whole damn city shake apart. I'm downtown. Where are you? Right now we are flying southwest Over the manhattan bridge or what's left of it. I cannot believe what's happened down there. Oh, my god. Look at the brooklyn bridge. Cables have torn loose. I mean, they're-they're all over the roadway. The cars are just piling up right now. Jillian, I need you. You're my eyes up there. Now calmly tell me what you see. I don't even know where to begin. Jillian, just keep talking. The better you describe what you see down there The better we can respond. All right. Right now, we are swinging north over downtown. I see the twin towers. They look good. They're both still standing. Empire state building looks good. Chrysler building looks like it's okay But some of these buildings have just lost their skins. I mean, I mean, they've just fallen off. Ahearn, are you still with me? Uh, yes, I'm here. Have you been over upper westside? We made a pass earlier. Grant high? Honestly, I can't tell you that. I mean, there was so much... I don't know. Do you want us to go up there? No, no. I want you to turn around. I want you to fly over one police plaza And tell me what you see. Roger that. Ahearn: Dispatch? Man: Yes, sir? Uh... One police plaza Should be implementing their disaster plan. Have you picked up any transmission On the emergency frequencies? Negative. Not a word. Ahearn, you read me? Ahearn: All right, jillian, go ahead. I am flying over one police plaza now. It is destroyed... Completely destroyed. City hall? City hall looks like somebody dropped a bomb on it. Chopper pilot Do you read me? Loud and clear. I want you to set down in the parking lot Next to station And look for me. Yes, sir, but you better pull some strings. I can lose my license for a stunt like this. Ahearn: Don't worry. I'm tight with the mayor. patrons murmuring What's going on? Arteries to and from the city are completely devastated. The streets appear to be nearly impassable, blocked by debris. Brick facades have tumbled Into a lethal storm. Many of the older buildings Have just simply collapsed or pancaked. We have to assume That there are many, many people trapped among the ruins. Our information will become clearer... I got to go. Excuse me, folks. We ask for your prayers... Prayers for those who are still alive. Nice landing. Welcome aboard, chief. Where to? Central park. Try sheep's meadow first. footsteps moaning softly Church would have paid you. You owe me two hours' wages. You had a job. If you worked, you would have gotten paid. I got to eat. Besides, look around. Ain't much of a church left to sweep. Damn! chuckling You're following me. No. Yes, but not like that. Look, I appreciate it. You seem like a very sweet guy But I don't need you to follow me. I'm going to be fine. But I help you find your mother. I don't want your help. Go on! I mean, you must have somebody Of your own to worry about. They're probably looking for you right now. No one looks for me. I got to go. Bye. Oh, god. woman crying and yelling What are you doing here? What do you want? I remember map. I help you get there. and th. Why do you care? I save your life. You save mine. I lost my earring. loud bang Oh! My daddy gave it to me. sobbing I remember times like this from before. To survive is good, but it is not enough. You understand what I say? You want me to go? I don't even know your name! Nicholai karvoskya! Could you spell that? sobbing K-a-r-v-o... I'll teach you how to spell it. laughs Oh, my god. Look at grant. My daughter's somewhere in there. Take me down. I don't have kids, okay? I'm not going to pretend to know how you feel. My kid's down there. I know!

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